Volcanic caldera mod

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This mod brings:

Volcanic stone: a type of black basalt that can be found in the volcanic caldera and basalt deltas

Volcanic sand: Black sand with which you can craft volcanic stone

Decorative volcanic stone blocks: The volcanic rock brings its family of decorative blocks!!!

Volcanic ores: Iron, gold and redstone ores have their version of volcanic rock

Lead items: Lead is a new material that is only found in this biome, you can craft: lead shields, lead swords, lead pickaxes, lead blocks and lead bulbs (more lead items will be added soon)

Iron plate: With 3 iron you can craft 4 iron plates, with them together with lead you can craft lead lamps, anti-effect armor and lead shields.

Anti effects armor: This armor removes any effects you have, although it is not necessary to have full armor.

Volcanic skeleton mob: This formidable skeleton, when killed, gives it deadly bones.

Deadly bone: With this object along with its block version you can craft the deadliest weapon in the mod

Deadly scythe: 1.7 attack speed, 8.5 attack damage, generates wither effect for 12 seconds.

Bruton mob: A zombie that is a bit fat and slow but hits very strong.

Bruton hammer: When you eliminate a Bruton he will release his hammer, this tool/weapon does 13 attack damage, 0.9 attack speed, works as a pickaxe and slows the entity that is hit.




Lead shieldanti effects helmetAnti effects chestplateAnti effects legginsAnti effects bootsLead bulbDeadly bone blockDeadly scythe





Modification files
volcanic_caldera_-1.0.0.jar - not fully translated into english (not recomended)Uploaded on: 02/24/2024 - 15:44   File size: 2.33 MB
volcanic_caldera_-1.1.0.jar - Guide iron book update (fully translated into english)Uploaded on: 03/29/2024 - 20:31   File size: 3.16 MB

1.1.0 Guide iron book update:


-Added Iron book

-Added Compacted black basalt

-The volcanic stones family was renamed "black basalt"

-Texture changes

-Removed hematite

-New achievements


The new iron book is craftable with a book and 8 iron plates.


*Remember that iron plates are crafted with 3 iron ingots*


IM GONNA BAN Y— (nah i wont trash joke i know)

The images of the crafts do not work xd, I will also soon work on a guide book for the mod.