Nautica Expanse

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In development
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Nautica Expanse aims at overhauling all things aquatic including: Fishing, Beaches, New Loot, Structures and Aquatic Life To Discover! This mod includes: 2 New Biome types, Over 50 new types of fish to obtain, 3 New Aquatic Structures To Find, 7 new hostile mobs, 3 passive mobs to find and tame, and a new wood type with its other block varients, new music and plenty more to come in future updates! You'll Notice That Alot of these features come from my previous mod Omega Adventures and thats because they are! I plan to overhaul all the features from Omega Adventures To better Flesh Them Out. So what are you waiting for get exploring!

Modification files
nauticaexpanseversion0.1.jarUploaded on: 10/30/2021 - 22:55   File size: 8.42 MB
NauticaExpanse1.2.jarUploaded on: 12/20/2021 - 19:09   File size: 8.93 MB
nauticaexpanse1.9.jarUploaded on: 02/07/2022 - 20:50   File size: 9.1 MB
nauticaexpanse4.0.jar - Newest Update!Uploaded on: 09/30/2022 - 00:35   File size: 11.81 MB

Nautica Expanse Version 0.1

  • New Wood Type: Palm

-Added Palm Planks

-Added Palm Plank Stairs

-Added Palm Plank Slabs

-Added Palm Wood Block

-Added Palm Log

-Added Stripped Palm Log

-Added Palm Tiki Base

-Added Palm Sapling

-Added Coconut Block

  • New Items Added

-Coconut - ranged item

-Cracked Coconut - Food item

-Palm Oil

-Shark MeatΒ  - Food item

-Orca MeatΒ  - Food item

-Shark Fin

-Orca Leather

-Shark Tooth

  • Over 50 Fish Added To The Fishing Loot Table - (Too many to list here many of them are food items)

-Added Crates

-Added Divers Bag

-Added Guardian Tracker

-Added Primed Bomb

-Added New Crop Type - Tomato

-Added Tomato Seeds

  • New Hostile Mobs

-Added Lost Diver

-Added Pirate

-Added Zombie Pirate

-Added Pirate Captain

-Added Shark

-Added Zombie Shark

-Added Orca

  • New Passive Mobs

-Added Crabs

-Added Ender Crabs

-Added Manta Ray

  • New Structures To Find

-Added Pirateships

-Added Divers Dungeon

-Added Fishing Hut

New Biomes

-Added Tropic Dunes biome

-Added Ocean Tropic Dunes

New Weapons

-Added Cutlass

-Added Golden Cutlass

-Added Sailsman Cutlass

New Fishing Poles

-Reinforced Fishing Rod

-Golden Fishing Rod

New Items For Recipes

-Golden Hook

-Golden String

-Golden Rod

-Silver Nugget

-Silver Ingot

Many Other Things To Discover Along The Way :-)