BradCraft2003's Ender Mod

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This is my version of an End Update, although there are some stuff in this mod, that have nothing to do with The End. There's New Blocks, New Trees (Blue Mahoe, Purpleheart, and Ender.), New Dimensions (Ruby Red, Azurite Blue, and Ender.), and new flowers (Not able to be placed in flower pots, still trying to figure that out.)


Happy Modding, and enjoy.


The screenshot used is from both "The Ender Mod" and "The Random Mod". The doors and trapdoors on the far left is Palm and Cheesy Wood from "The Random Mod", and the rest of the doors and trapdoors are all from "The Ender Mod". Happy Modding!

Modification files
The Ender Mod-1.20.1-1.3.1_0.jar - This ender mod is an idea of a Minecraft End Update. It's still a W.I.P, but there are amazing blocks to build with. So enjoy.Uploaded on: 12/09/2023 - 15:31   File size: 843.79 KB

 The up-to-date changelog, can be read in the Mod Options tab on the Minecraft Menu.