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This is my mini-biome bundle wich adds a couple of new biomes

spaceland: i was planning on calling it stoneland but i cant change the name now, this biome is full of trees wich are turned into cobblestone, same goes for the ground. this biome will most likely spawn close to deserts.

GreenEmerald: A Very rare biome wich spawns in warm biomes and has massive trees taller than 80 blocks. the trees here are also made out of emerald blocks, so thats why i made them so rare.

TinyTreeLand: Common biome where there are not many trees but is laggy as hell, couse of the mob spawning there, if you download this mod make sure you have a decent pc, couse that biome spawns a lot of entities, the trees are also made out of wood, completely.

Nightplains: Plains witch dark grass, black sky and no trees

Pluto: Extremely cold biome wich spawns a lot of snowgolems and everything is snow, even the trees.

DeathValley: Insane mountanous terrain made out of magma blocks and sandstone

Woodland: Small trees but are so close to each other that theres almost no light under the trees, these trees are also completely made out of wood .

TalllandWorld: Biome wich has Trees over 180 blocks tall and made out of regular wood

Theres ls a dimension wich copies the overworld and has only the mod biomes, just build a nether portal made out of lapis blocks and grap the igniter



Biome: Rarity:
Spaceland common
GreenEmerald very rare
TinyTreeLand uncommon
Nightplains rare
Pluto rare
DeathValley Very rare
Woodland rare
Tall-landWorld Extremely rare


you can install this mod and later remove it, since it doesnt have custom blocks, but if you are in the dimension when you remove the mod, a huge monolith will spawn in the middle of your world, so if you want to remove the mod, stay out of the dimension.


i hope you will like this mod, and writing this down took longer than making the mod

im out

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