ColdLikeInTheFridge (CLITF)

Published by Ribek on Wed, 10/20/2021 - 18:37
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Minecraft Forge mod
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ColdLikeInTheFridge (CLITF) is a mod that adds a new dimenssion with a few new biomes.It adds new tools and weapons, A few new ores. It adds 4 new plants (SnowFlake Flower, Frozen Blue Flower, Frozen Tiny Tree and Vanilla flower). The mod has a new boss (Ice Knight) and new agressive mobs ( Snow Golem, Ice Ghost) and much more!


The mod will NOT be updated anymore mostly because I ran out of ideas and I lost the workspace folder :(


As always have FUN!


You can use the mod in any modpacks you'd like!


Do not claim the mod as your own!

Modification files

This is the final version it will not be updated anymore. Sorry to dissapoint anyone I did my best for my first mod. Have fun with the mod if you are going to use it at all.