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This mod has a dimension and weird mobs and armor. And this dimension is called death valley its where you most commonly die and have death. Mobs that drop things that you can find no were else. And there new biomes very weird trees and the ground is weird the other one is lava but you cant get in it because barrier is over it that's the ground block the only way to touch the lava is to go in the water because the water dose not turn the lava in to obsidian you need the keys in gamemode c I haven't made to get it from somewhere but of course there will be updates. And this is the LIGHTNING SWORD what ever you hit which it BANG lightning will strike its very nice but you can only get this in gamemode c still but there will be updates and there will be the ANCIENT SWORD this will make a BOOM! but it would kill the mob and you. I don't know how to fix that. And now for the DEMON KING the most deadly one! shoots fire balls at you and it will have the DEMON SWORD/LIGHTNING SWORD there the same thing and it will drop the demon sowrd just for you. And please download it and the mobs don't hurt you unless you hurt them then it will start constantly chasing you until you die it will chase you then it will swing a sword then your down  only in gamemode s though please download this mod!

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