BradCraft2003's Random Mod

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This mod is bound to give you Random stuff, so enjoy all the new blocks, and the Cheesiest woodset and dimension yet, enjoy building with some other blocksets you might have been waiting for.


Everything is still a work in progress, so enjoy with the existent blocks, and/or items.


The image used is a Minecraft screenshot for both "The Ender Mod" and "The Random Mod" and it is indeed a screenshot from my Minecraft before my forge failed entirely. The doors and Trapdoors on the far left of the screenshot is the Palm and Cheesy Doors and Trapdoors from "The Random Mod" (They are indeed random), and the other doors  and trapdoors are all from "The Ender Mod". Happy Modding!

Modification files
The Random Mod-1.20.1-1.10.1.jar - A Random mod for Random people.Uploaded on: 12/09/2023 - 13:33   File size: 492.29 KB

The up-to-date Changelog is said in the Minecraft game itself, in the Mod Options selection.