Xenoclus 2

Published by Mr. Cubist on Sun, 11/08/2020 - 20:31
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Xenoclus 2

This is a mod all about dimensions and exploration. There are many exciting mobs, blocks, items, and features to experience.

Currently there is one dimension, Fuls, a mysterious floating tundra.

This is my second mod.


  • Many new blocks to use
  • A dimension with 4 biomes and 2 cave biomes
  • Several new and unique mobs to interact with
  • Interesting magical staffs
  • A new tool set and ore
  • More food types
  • Many new plants
  • Several new structures


Fuls is currently the only dimension in the mod, it offers an experience entirely unique to itself. This dimension slides in well and refuses to stray too far from normal vanilla mc. Its fit with loads of exploration and rewards that bolster the frigid journey one must take to master its difficulty.

In order to travel to Fuls use Ancient Dust on a Blue Ice portal frame.

Other sites:

Curse Forge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/xenoclus-2

Modification files
Xenoclus2V1.0.3B.jar - Wood Update.2.5 MB
Xenoclus2V1.0.2.jar - Christmas Update.2.41 MB
Xenoclus2V1.0.1B.jar - Paintings and Particles update.2.31 MB
Xenoclus2V1.0.0.jar - Release2.13 MB

Xenoclus 2, Version 1.0.3, Wood Update.


- Stripped Logs

- Bark blocks

- Saplings


- Made it no longer slow movement on tree logs.

- Lakes no longer spawn within Fuls

Don't worry about the Curse Forge link atm. Forge hasn't looked at the files yet, when they do, the link will work.

Amazing mod! I have never thought you'll make a sequel for your mod :)

Wow, I was waiting for the versions of your modification on 1.15.2! Amazing! I have this question for you. How did you animate Cetus. (I mean setting the cube animation)

Wow, that looks good! And great textures, must be... umm... that's awkward, now I don't know the shortcut. Simply great.