The Void

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This mod adds 2 dimensions: Interworld Space and main The Void.

There are some biomes in The Void: Bit, Code, Unknown and Static.

To Interworld Space you can teleport from all portal with small chance.

If you fall from Interworld Space you teleports to The Void.

In The Void you can craft some Cube tools.


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1.1.0 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Added Static biome to The Void dimension
  • Added new mob Television Walker what spawns in Static biome
  • Added new block Static what spawns in Statick biome
  • Added new command "thevoid"


1.2.0 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Added new mobs: Void Warden, The Cube (Boss)
  • Added Code Bow (Bow), Code Multitool (Multitool), Triple Cube (Item), Proggresive Cube (Block), Console (Block)


1.2.1 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Bugs fixed


1.2.2 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Fixed Cube Armor localization


1.2.3 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Fixed Cubes Models
  • Bugs Fixed


1.2.4 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Added sounds to Static Biome
  • Bugs fixed


1.3.0 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Added 2 new biomes! (Whitespace, Hex)
  • Added 2 blocks! (Whitespace Block, Hex)
  • Added new items!
  • Added 2 new tools! (Enchanced Cube, Block Deleter)
  • Added new boss! (Admin)
  • Minor edits
  • Bugs fixed


1.3.1 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Added Barrier Generator


1.3.2 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Added Block Module
  • Added new Progressive Cube usage


1.3.3 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Added Void Watcher
  • Fixed Block Module tex


1.3.4 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Added Module Scanner in Code Tool


1.3.5 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Added new weapon BIG_DATA
  • Fixed chest-tip spawn


1.4.0 (Forge 1.16.4)

  • Added new mobs (Progressive Void Walker, Virus)
  • Added new weapons (Buggg#_@(ger, Antivirus)
  • Updated BIG_DATA particles
  • Updated The Cube mob spawns (when hurt)
  • Bugs fixed


1.4.1 (Forge 1.16.5)

  • Moved to 1.16.5
  • The Cube now imunne to explosive


1.4.2 (Forge 1.16.5)

  • Added cODEDestroyer
  • Fixed Virus Spawn
  • Fixed Virus Drop (when killed by Antivirus)
  • Minor edits
  • Bugs fixed


1.4.3 (Forge 1.16.5)

  • Fixed Code Destroyer recipe
  • Added Void Lover
  • Added Heart
  • Added Staff of Heart


1.4.4 (Forge 1.16.5)

  • Added Life Returner for return to life Void Walker and Void Lover
  • Now you can get heart with right click to Void Lover (cooldown 500 seconds)


1.4.5 (Forge 1.16.5)

  • Fixed uncrafteble Cube recipe (changed Code Tool recipe, because Hex Block crafts in Code Tool, Code Tool crafts with Double Cube, Double Cube crafts with Hex Block)
  • Added ability to delete blocks with Block Deleter with right click (Left clicks works bed in server)
  • Added Void Lover Freezer (Place Void Lover In Void Lover Freezer and he can't move)


1.4.6 (Forge 1.16.5)

  • Fixed Void Lover Freezer recipe


1.5.0 (Forge 1.16.5)

  • Removed april fools (Void Lover Spawn)
  • Updated Staff of Lover thirdperson model
  • Added Module Base, Blast Protection Module, Auto Owner Module (For next april fools)
  • Updated Module recipes
  • Fixed Bit block dupe


1.5.1 (Forge 1.16.5)

  • Fixed Coded Planks Ore Dictionary
  • Updated Coded Log Texture
  • Added Stripped Coded Log

adding a function to the void is surelly a good idea :) the dimensions look sick especialy the new mob