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Published by Inferno_ on Sun, 02/23/2020 - 03:21
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                                                     About the Mod

Important: This mod will no longer recieve any updates, because of a similar, but "better" mod is being worked on.
The main objective of the mod is to add as many blocks and items as possible, While trying to add many different mobs with unique traits, dungeons, food and effects.

What does the mod currently add?

120+ Items (Counting Tools and Food)

5 Tool Sets

4 Armors

11+ Entities

60+ Blocks

6 Crops

11 Effects

5 Structures

And 2 Biomes! (One with a variant and the other with three!)

 Update 0.9.0 Trees and Stuff!

  • 2 New Wood Types! Crimson and Etherian! each with unique traits!
  • More Foods!
  • New Decorative Wood Blocks!
  • New Advancements!
  • Consumables! Heal Yourself! *(May have side effects)
  • And a little bit more (check the changelog!)

Update 0.9.1

  • A new Block!
  • And a little bit more (check the changelog!)

Update 0.8.0 The Dungeons Update!

  • 3 New Structures to explore! (Even though one is only a spawner)

  • New foods!

  • New Aquamarine Tool and Armor Set!

  • New Decorative Blocks!

  • And a little bit more (check the changelog!)

And There is more to come!

PD - The First Snapshot of 1.0.0 is out!

Modification files
Stellario1.0.0test01.jar - First 1.0.0 Snapshot, Expect bugs.4.65 MB
Stellario0.9.1.jar - Trees And Stuff Patch3.79 MB
Stellario0.9.0.jar - Trees And Stuff3.75 MB
Stellario0.8.0.jar - The Dungeons Update!3.55 MB

 Version 1.0.0 Test 1

This changelog will be deleted when the next Test version comes out

  • Remade the Stellar table and it's Gui.
  • Changed The Aquamarine Spirit Structure to Spawn in beaches and sand blocks.
  • Added Pearls.
  • Added Pearl Armor.
  • Added Clams.
  • Added Clam Blocks.
  • Added Ancient Clam Blocks.
  • Added Crystals for Tier 4+ Materials.
  • Added Staffs. (Still on early testing)
  • Added Azurite String.
  • Added Azurite Arrows.
  • Added Tier 4+ Bows (Buggy for the moment).
  • Added Dimensional Blocks.
  • Changed Astria Generation Type to End-Like.
  • Readded Astrich Logs.
  • Added Astrich Leaves.
  • Added Astral Glowstone.
  • Added Blood Wheat.
  • Added Crimson Bushes.
  • Added Phantom Carrots.
  • Added Ethereal Bushes.
  • Added Waterberries.
  • Added Wild Waterberry Plants.
  • Added Ambi.
  • Added Strange Stone.
  • Added Astral Stone. (with 4 Stages)
  • Temporarily Removed Stellar Grass Spreading.
  • Added Astral Walkers and it's dimension Unique Variants.
  • Specters Now spawn in Crimson and Etherian Biomes.
  • Added Floaters.
  • Added Blubies. (I don't know how their plural form is)
  • Added Astral Walker Eggs.
  • Added Healing Crystals.
  • Added The Pearled Booster.
  • Added Biomass and Biomass Block.
  • Added Pearl Dust Block And Pearl Ingot Block.
  • Added Glowing Pearl Ingot Block.
  • Added Elven Bows in Their Crimson and Etherian Variants. (Barely tested, may be buggy)
  • Added The Nightseeker bow and Night Eyes.
  • Remade Starfruit, Blood Heart and Quartz Heart Textures.
  • Changed Astral Infection to Astral Corrosion and Changed The Icon.
  • Modified the Bleeding Effect to do Damage based on time and level.
  • Made the Amplifier for Effects Increase their... effects.
  • Removed the Astral Zombies from the Nether, now they only spawn on Astria.
  • Changed Astria Portal Block from Endrite to Dimensional Blocks.
  • Added Small In-game Guides for Blocks, Recipe button Still W.I.P. (Probably Buggy)
  • Added the Processer.
  • Fixed Life Wart Cooldown, before it was maximum 1 second, now it's 10.
  • Fixed Aquagold Armor effect, turns out it was checking for the Steel Armor rather than aquagold.
  • Temporarily Removed Clouds from Natural Generation, will be replaced with Structures Later on probably.
  • Remade the Starfruit Bowl, it looks uglier if you ask me.
  • Changed the Stellar Table Particle generation, now it generates on top and they are way slower.
  • Modified the Snowball Cannon Texture.
  • Added Stone Sticks.
  • Small Changes to the Astral Zombie AI.
  • Added Bases for the Staff and Bow
  • Removed Unspreadable Stellar Grass
  • And some smaller tweaks.

For some time, I thought the Clams were crashing constantly the game, but it turns out it probably was the Aquamarine Spirit Spawner, But i might be wrong.

Be aware that this version is unstable and may crash.

 Patch 0.9.1
  • Added the Block Processor! Transform different blocks and items!
  • Changed the Aquagold Texture to look more like gold
  • Solved Many mistakes in Item Names and stuff like that.
  • Modified a Little bit Astria again... Don't ask what that is.
  • Made the Star Pig more annoying

Now is time to work in 1.0.0 which will be the Stellar Update! uh... and that's it.

Version 0.9.0 Trees And Stuff
  • Added 2 New Wood and Tree Types, Etherian And Crimson
  • Added 2 New Biomes with 4 Variants (Counting all the variants from both, The Crimson Forest has More Variants)
  • Tweaked Item Names, still need to change some of the Gem Block Names though.
  • Added Color to Item Names depending on Rarity or Type (Not everything has colored names though, only specific items, and the new woods.)
  • Added 7 New Advancements (Still W.I.P)
  • Added Consumables, Currently 5, Some May have Side Effects, and i won't say if they are positive or negative, find out yourself.
  • Added Etherian Apples
  • Added Azurite and Enchanted Azurite Apples (Basically the Golden Apples of this mod)
  • Added Crimson Chorus, They don't teleport you anywhere, just may give a little boost or levitation.
  • Added Clouds, That work like cobwebs whenever you are not sneaking nor sprinting, they require a shovel to mine.
  • Added The Consumables Tab
  • Modified The Cold and Warm Brews, Now they are Consumables, Modified their desciption, and given a Cooldown.
  • Modified a Little Bit Astria... what is Astria you ask?, nothing important.
  • Changed the Snowball Cannon Ammo from 17 to 21.
  • Added Sound for Applying Bandages.
  • Increased the Amount of Infernal Ore you can find in the Nether.
  • Moved Around some Elements in their Respective Tabs.
  • Modified a Little Bit the Advancements.
  • Added special Tags for compatibility with other mods, Wood specific.
  • Made the Star Pig more annoying.

The next big update (1.0.0) will take some time, in the mean time i will work in 0.9.1 with some fixes and tweaks, also adding a new machine. after that i might upload some Snapshots of the 1.0.0 update. so see you soon!

Version 0.8.0 The Dungeons Update
  • Added the Forest Dungeon, A small dungeon that appears normally on forest-like biomes.
  • Added the Aquamarine Spawner, A small structure with an Aquamarine Spirit Spawner!
  • Added the Cave Dungeon, A 16x16 Dungeon that has many mobs and many dangers and not so great rewards!
  • Added Dungeon Deleters! Finished a dungeon? you can now destroy every single block in the dungeon and turn them into decorative blocks!
  • Added Aquamarine Ore, A tier-6 ore that appears deep in ocean biomes, at lava level.
  • Added Aquamarine Spirits, Found that weird water structure? you have a fish spawner! but beware, those are aggresive.
  • Added Aquamarine Tools, Another Tier-6 Tool set! as good as the Infernal set, but doesn't have any special bonus.
  • Added Aquagold Armor, A combination between Aquamarine and gold, pretty great if you ask me!
  • Added Specters, A new only spawnable on creative mob! They come in normal and Ice variants! They like rotten meat but aren't tamable.
  • Added Devourer Flesh, the devourers only dropped a extremely rare drop until now!
  • Organized The elements in the creative inventory.
  • Changed Star Pig spawn type from "ambient" to "creature" now they spawn more rarely in superflat worlds... i think.
  • Added Dungeon Orbs, before you say anything, they don't do anything special, you can get them from dungeon blocks and can be used to make more dungeon blocks.
  • Modified the "Devourer Heart" Description.
  • Somehow bugged the Endrite Hoe, now its attack speed is -4.
  • Removed the particles of the Infernal and Azurite Ores.
  • Modified the Infernal Ore spawn rate and range in both the nether and overworld.
  • Hidden the Infernal Chest.
  • Made the Star Pig more annoying.

Version 0.7.1
  • The mod has been finally uploaded on Mcreator!
  • Reduced Snowball Cannon ammo from 65 to 17 per snow block, That was way too OP.
  • Added Sounds for the Devourer and its Infernal Variant.
  • Added Recipe for Ice via Snowfruit Seeds
  • Added Recipe for Snowballs via Snowfruit Seeds
  • Made the Cold Brew obtainable in survival! combine 2 snowballs with a glass bottle.
  • Made the Devourer Spawn Naturally
  • Made the Roamer Spawn Naturally
  • Still trying to find a way to reduce Star Pig spawn in Superflat worlds, seriously, it spawns way too much,
  • Added sound for shooting with the Snowball Cannon and reloading it the first and subsequent times.
  • Made the Star Pig more annoying.

The changelog is for version 0.7.1 but not for previous versions.