Endless Possibilities: A new beginning

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You are cast into a new realm, what dangers await within?

After finishing the final boss, you find a portal and jump inside. Countless dangers await within, but along with them, endless possibilities!

You create a portal made out of endstone, and light it with the new portal igniter. A glowing portal is made, and you leap in. Where will your adventure lead you? 



Fight the dangers that await inside, and gain the rewards.



Start a new farm with the 4 new plants added.



Find countless new blocks and plants, and brave the new structures.



Discover the story of the once great kingdom that lived here, and how their power lead to their befall.



Trail of monsters and trials of the night await you, can you survive?


And so much more!

Explore this new realm, but be careful, death awaits you!



This mod is still under development, currently there is one biome to explore.

Install JEI! There are complex crafting recipes!

Modification files
EndlessPossibilites.jar - Version one, slightly buggy.Uploaded on: 10/18/2023 - 13:13   File size: 2.13 MB