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CurseForge here (for latest updates) :https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/overlandz

↑(latest versions are only zip files with this link because of mcreator file size limit, so you can just skip downloading here by clicking it)↑



 Build a portal from crying obsidian and craft igniter with sugar, redstone, glowstone dust, gunpowder and erye powder which can be found in the end highlands. 
 Explore new dimensions and gather new resuorces. Once you are in mystic forest you can try to enter the cursed forest for usefull loot but don't forget to take power ring with you to break the curse first.  

Fight new boss such as Ultra spider -  for defeating him you'll be rewarded with void totem that will save you when you accidentaly fall into void. 

Get to the paralell dimension after drinking mind blowing potion brewd with pearl in brewing stand. 

Gather new types of armor, and weapons, use runes and wands. Upgrade your body with life shrine, dark barrier or enhanced muscles and become real warior!



 And most importantly survive adventure, collect four mystic stones and gather immortality!



How to get immortality stones?


Red Mystic Stone:

Red mystic stone requires sacrifice of Heaven Armour, Dragonium Armour and Zenith sword in crafting table.

Heaven Crystal generates 3 blocks under surface in End dimension. It is possible to mine heaven crystal ore only if you have Light scroll in your inventory.

To get Heaven armour you need to upgrade adamanite armour with heaven crystal in smihing table.

Adamanite armor might be acquired by upgrading diamond armour with reinforced adamanite in smithing table.

Reinforced adamanite is crafted by adding chrystopher ore (common mystic forest ore) with adamanite block (which also generates in end)

Dragonium ore generates in the nether at height 100 and more. before acquiring dragon scale first you need to clear ore from netherrack. 

With 4 dragon scales and 1 netherite bar you can craft dragonium.

Dragonium armor is netherite armor upgraded with dragonium at smithing table.

Zenith requires 5 amber, Domination scroll and Hyperior.

While Hyperior is a combination of 9 other weapons:

-wooden sword

-Heaven sword

-Dragonium sword

-Swift blade (craft from dagger handle and Jar of thunderbold- which might be dropped from cloud tower lootboxes)

-Chorus edge (can only be dropped from end tower lootboxes)

-Necron Axe (can only be dropped from cursed forest lootboxes)

-Poison sword

-Flameblade (this one and poison sword might be only dropped from supply cubes)

-Heavy blade (crafted from 2 platinium bars and dagger handle)


Blue Mystic Stone:

Blue mystic stone can only be found in Nowhere dimension. It appears insanely rare on one of the amber islands.

Nowhere portal is made out of clouds (igniter is made out of starfruit, pearl, and paradise herb - which might be found underground in mystic forest)

Also you need pearl ring to enter this dimension. (pearl ring might be crafted from 7 grayfly fur, and enchanted pearl - which is combination of Shadow scroll and 4 normal pearls).

Be carefull because cloud is not a solid block, and if you die, it would be almost impossible to find your items back under the cloud layer.


Green Mystic Stone:

Green mystic stone is crafted out of few unique items:

-glowium bar

-void totem (drop from Ultra spider - summon this boss by using magic eye)

-nightmare essence (drop from unknown monster - he appears Nowhere)

-all of scrolls (Light scroll, Shadow scroll, Domination scroll - they all appear as drop from cursed forest lootboxes)

-2 Life Orbs (they Appear Somewhere in orion pillars - you can move to Somewhere dimension for few minutes by drinking mind blowing potion)



Yellow Mystic Stone:

Yellow mystic stone might be acquired by combining mystic shard and ultra organism in smiting table.

Blitz shrine - blitz shrine is crafted out of orion stone and glowium block. To activate blitz shrine place blitz pedestales from each 4 sides, 1 block away from blitz shrine and click on it with blitz gem (crafted from 2 adamanite and life orb)

Activation of blitz shrine usualy does nothing, but it might grand you one of magic wand, or - with 8% chance - migh spawn magnybeast.

upon defeating magnybeast will drop mystic shard

Ultra organism is a combination of reinforced bone and superior heart in improving table (crafted from alabaster and sprocket, needs to be powered with imperium).

Superior heart might be dropped from wicked blob after feeding him (this block appears at wicked junkyard in mystic forest and might be fed with wicked pulp).

reinforced bone is a bone upgraded by organium ingot in smithing table (organium ingot is mix of pltinium bar and glowium bar at improving table). 




preferred to use with mod: just enough items 1.17.1

Teaser: https://youtu.be/q26RDqLY4n8

guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNrYnsAqyQE

if you found any bug, please let me know!

Modification files
OverlandZ v1.3.0 (1.17.1).jarUploaded on: 12/26/2022 - 10:20   File size: 14.27 MB
OverlandZ v1.3.1 (1.17.1).jarUploaded on: 12/31/2022 - 20:46   File size: 14.3 MB
OverlandZ v1.4 (1.17.1).jarUploaded on: 04/08/2023 - 16:27   File size: 18.96 MB
OverlandZ v1.4.1+ _0.zip - for latest versions go to curseforge pageUploaded on: 09/07/2023 - 18:45   File size: 284 bytes

version 1.4
-added new ore - verxium, which can be used to craft dark barrier or suralimenter

-added forsaken castle and alabaster castle

-new biome - halucirea fields

-new blocks and items

-remodeled some of old mobs

-bug fixes

version 1.4.1

-remodeled goblin 3 times

-balance changes

-added miniboss hypnoplax