The Altera Dimension

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This mod adds an entirely new dimension, "The Altera". In this dimension, you can find many exotic foods, life and buildings never seen before. Gather a bunch of Alterian Warriors with an Amethyst staff and head to battle to defeat the evil that lurks here. This mod also adds two new bosses: The Revoker, a dangerous mob capable of killing the player in seconds if not properly geared. It can jump massive heights and shoots dangerous projectiles. Second, The Lost Soul, must be crafted to spawn. You must take the souls of Alterians and kill them to obtain Soulless Pieces used to craft the Lost Soul. This mod adds 3 new ores: Algoite: a very unstable material used to make Algolite Bombs and an Algolite Staff. Also included is Amethyst, a basic material used to craft armor, a staff, and various tools and weapons. finally, Cave Fruit, found underground can provide a quick snack if you forgot food while mining. A new crafting block, the Fermenter, has been added as well. provide one ingredient and a water bottle to ferment your ingredient into a Juice, Elixir, and more! Blueroot, a rare plant can be harvested for its dust and formed into dust blocks which, when smelted can make Blueroot Blocks, used to make powerful tools and armor. Blueroot blocks are also used to stabilize the Fusion Reactor, a powerful machine used to make Fusionite, which when surrounding a weapon in the Crafting Table, it can be used to Infuse the weapon, making it more powerful and durable. This is my first mod so any feedback is appreciated, and i hope you enjoy the mod! Thank You. (p.s: Please use the mod "Just Enough Items", or "JEI" to figure out the recipes.)

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Changes Portal Block from gold to glowstone to make accessing the Altera easier

Changes the "Gold And Steel" to Flint and Gold

Flint and gold recipe has been updated from gold and iron to gold and flint


Adds new block, the Fusion Reactor, Fusionite dust, and Infused Weapons, as well as changing the way you make Infused Dirt (now done in reactor)

-how to make Infused Weapons(only works on swords and the battleaxe): Surround weapon in  8 Fusionite dust in a crafting table

to get fusionite dust put a Fusion Reactor on top of a Blueroot Block (or it will explode) and power it via a redstone signal.

Then, turn the power on and put a precious metal or gem (diamond, emerald, gold, iron, amethyst, algolite) inside, as well as some Dead Cursed Dirt

and it will start.


Adds Altera Slabs

Minor Bug fixes, spelling changes for a few items

Changes To the Fusion Reactor, now requiring that blueroot blocks must be placed on the top AND bottom of the reactor to function


Minor spelling fixes and name changes


Minor Bugfixes

Basic Alterian Trading via Amethyst

Breedable alterians with blurok berries


new mob, the Altera Hog, which can be farmed for it's meat.

changed the hurt noise for alterians to make it less obnoxious


(hopefully) stopped alterahogs from spawning in overworld


this mod looks great! i think it should be Mod Of The Week. submit it please! also can you release a 1.14.4 version once 2019.5 releases? plz? thank you!

i have some suggestions: use a glowstone portal instead of a gold portal, as that is harder to get yet cheaper. also redo gold and steel to be flint and gold as that makes (more) sense. i am not saying that your mod is bad or anything, in fact quite the opposite, i am just giving constructive critisism. thank you :)