BoopDoop's Equipment

Published by BoopDoop7 on Mon, 02/17/2020 - 00:42
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This mod adds:

Shrub forest, just a small random biome with tiny trees, with mostly leaves.

A biome, the grasst, with very tall trees. The trees sometimes grow grasst ore, which you can use for armors, tools, and a block. They are more enchantable than normal, and is a bit better than iron. 

A very rare biome, the geond wasteland, with no trees, dead bushes, and dark red grass. Even rarer ore will spawn deep below the ground in that biome, making Geond Ore, for armors, tools, and a block, is smeltable (Geond block smelts 225 items!) and is better than diamond. 

The Enchanted dimension, built with any type of prismarine blocks, in a nether portal formation, and then ignited by a special enchanted diamond, made with a bottle o' enchanting. Look in the pictures for what the dimension looks like. There is also Enchite blocks, that drop 2 enchite ore around the islands. They can craft very limited items, but they are extremely enchantable and quick. Sword, shovel, body, leggings, boots!

Prismarine tools and a chestplate. Made like any other armor. Prismarine is very enchantable!

Coal tools, made like any other tools. Basically useless, unenchantable, but its a very early set of tools. A bit better than wood.

This is my first mod! Please try it out! 

Modification files
ef.jar - The mod377.23 KB

v1: First version. One biome, the Grasst.

v2: Bug fixes to the Grasst, added Geond Wastelands.

v3: Changes to the Geond Wastelands, added prismarine equipment, enchanted dimension.

v4: Possibly fixed Geond ore not spawning, added coal tools, enchite equipment, shrub forest.

v5: Fixed many bugs, changes to Geond wastelands and Enchanted biome.