1.XX - The Update that Changed the End

Published by 91arrows on Tue, 06/23/2020 - 18:07
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Note 1: The description and mod are outdated, I have paused progress on the mod


After 1.9, the last major update to the End, came 1.16, the Nether Update. Many people felt it was logical for 1.17 to update the End, but it didn’t. One day, I came up with a bunch of ideas, so I decided to do an Update that Changed the End in the style of 1.16.


Note 2: This mod is not completely finished, I just wanted to get my ideas out. All features below a marker are still only ideas, and are not in the mod currently. Custom sounds have not been made yet.


Summary of major features:

  • Overhaul of previous biomes. End Highlands are now Neural Forests (a lively biome with lots of organic resources). End Barrens serve as the End’s Nether Wastes, with some nice mineral resources but little life. Small End Islands are home to the Pivoids. Obsidian Grottos cut through large islands, rich in minerals.
  • Ability to survive in the End. Previously, gear could only be obtained through End Cities. With the addition of Neurons and Eyestone, you can upgrade tools quicker. Enderberries, a new plant, provide food. Scryeyes, a new mob, provide useful loot.
  • Elytrae can now be crafted, but it’s usually more tedious to obtain the materials for it than to find one in an End Ship.
  • Teleholes, a new block, allow for fast transportation.
  • Telebar, a new material, can be used to upgrade diamond gear like 1.16’s Netherite. It increases speed.
  • Televers, a new redstone component, allow for wireless connection.


Block Variants

End Stone - Chiselled End Stone Bricks, Cracked End Stone Bricks, Smooth End Stone

Purpur - Purpur Bricks, Chiselled Purpur Block, Smooth Purpur Block

Eyestone (combine Purpur variants with Eyestone) - Eyestone Bricks, Chiselled Eyestone Block, Smooth Eyestone Block



Big Brain - Grow Terminal Roots with Bone Meal

Eye Drops - Fall into the void while fighting a Scryeye

Pushing the Limit - craft Elytra

What Goes In Goes Out - teleport using a Telehole and Telehole Anchor

In an Eyesland Far, Far Away - obtain Chronic Debris


Nervous End Stone / Dendrite

A new type of ore that spawns in the End and around End Neurons. Can be clicked with End Shears to convert to End Stone and drop one Dendrite as an item. When mined without Silk Touch, it drops End Stone. It can be used as fuel and crafted into String.


Neural Forest / End Highlands

Since MCreator doesn’t suppport new biomes in the End, the Neural Forest merges with the End Highlands as the lively, populated biome of the End. Endermen and Scryeyes live here. Great for starting survival in the End and organic resources.


  • Axon / Stripped
  • Dendrite
  • Cyton Branches
  • Terminal Roots
  • Endlights
  • Myelin
  • End Cities / Loot
  • Endermen
  • Scryeyes
  • Chorus Fruit
  • Enderberries



A type of tree-like structure found in Neural Forests, or grown by using Bone Meal on Terminal Roots. The ground around it is covered in Dendrite and Terminal Roots. Its trunk/stem is made of Axon blocks (alternating between myelinated and stripped), and its “leaves” are made of Cyton Branches, with a single Endlight in the center.


Terminal Roots

A plant similar in appearance to Dendrite. Spawns around Neurons, can be grown into Neurons, and can only grow in low light levels (since MCreator doesn’t support custom growth blocks either). Good for experience, literally. Drops 2 Dendrite when mined without End Shears.



Blocks that make up the “stems” of Neurons. They function as with Logs/Stems and Planks. They can be crafted into the same items as planks can, but not into Wood/Hyphae. However, they can be stripped with an Axe, dropping 2-3 Myelin. They can also be used as fuel.


Cyton Branches

Blocks that make up the “leaves” of Neurons. They are transparent, and drop 2-3 Dendrite when mined without Silk Touch or End Shears. Can be crafted with 4 Dendrite. Good for bridging, if you don’t have a pet Pivoid.



Blocks that grow in the center of a neuron’s cell body. They glow brightly, and drop themselves when mined with a hoe. 



Obtained through stripping Axons. Can be combined with Shulker Shells to craft Shields.



A new hostile mob that spawns in the Neural Forest and rarely elsewhere throughout the End. It can fly (slowly) through the air to attack the player, dealing 1 heart of damage. Once killed, it drops 0-1 Eyes of Ender, 0-1 Scrying Obsidian, 0-1 Red, Yellow, or Blue Dye, and rarely a Book enchanted with Interlocking (see Telehole).



A new plant found in the Neural Forest. It drops Enderberries when picked. Enderberries can be popped, and when eaten (very quickly!), restore 1 bar of hunger, but can be crafted into End Fruit Jam, which heals more. It can also be used as a fuel. Like Terminal Roots, it can grow in low light levels. Unless sneaking, if a player walks into an Enderberry Vine, they teleport straight to the top.


End Fruit Jam

A food item crafted with Enderberries, Chorus Fruit, Sugar, and a Bowl. When eaten, it leaves the bowl and restores 3 1/2 bars of hunger. It does not teleport the player.


Brainstorm (just an idea)

A new event/weather type exclusive to the Neural Forest biome. It strikes lightning periodically and spawns more Scryeyes.


End Barrens

A barren biome, with a few mineral resources. Only Endermen spawn here.


  • End Stone, lots of it
  • Embedded Obsidian
  • Eyestone
  • Eyeglass
  • Chronic Debris
  • Endermen



A block found in the trough of the Obsidian Grotto, and in patches around End Barrens. Can be crafted into cobblestone.


Obsidian Grotto

A new “biome” consisting of obsidian spikes lining an erosion of Eyestone. Cuts through Large End Islands.


  • Eyestone
  • Obsidian
  • Embedded Obsidian
  • Draglets
  • Endermen
  • Eyeglass
  • Chronic Debis
  • Petrified Portals



A new, medium rare mob that lives in the Obsidian Grotto. It resembles the Ender Dragon in appearance, and poses a new threat by being able to shoot stinky fireballs. It will attack Players and Scryeyes. On death, it will drop 20 Experience, an Ender Charge, sometimes an End Crystal, and rarely its head or egg.


Ender Charge

A throwable ranged item dropped by Draglets. It can be crafted using a Fire Charge surrounded by Dragon’s Breath. It can also be used as fuel for Teleholes. When an Ender Charge crashes on a block, it lights that block on Dragon Fire, a purple fire variant only obtained through this way. It deals 2 damage every half second, and can be used as a source of Dragon’s Breath.


Endmeal Piece

A transitional item crafted from organic materials from the End (Dendrite, Cyton Branches, Enderberries, Myelin, Chorus Fruit, Chorus Flower). Can be crafted into Bone Meal.


End Shears

Can be crafted with Shears and Myelin, or two Myelin. Used to scrape Dendrite off of End Stone. When used on an Endermite with Left Click, it will drop 0-1 Mite Scute and deal 4 damage to the Endermite.


Mite Scute

An item obtained from hitting endermites. Are used to craft Elytra Segments.


Elytra Segment

Crafted from Mite Scutes, Myelin, and Phantom Membranes. Can be crafted into an Elytra by placing them on the sides of the crafting table, with the top space occupied by Dendrite and the center by an Endlight.


Scrying Obsidian

A type of Obsidian only obtainable through killing Scryeyes. Used to craft Teleholes, Telehole Anchors, Televers, and Telever Anchors.



Crafted with 6 Scrying Obsidian, 2 Eyes of Ender, and 1 Ender Charge. After setting a teleportation spot with a Telehole Anchor, the player can right-click a Telehole to teleport to the Anchor, taking the Telehole with them. A Telehole can also be enchanted with Interlocking in a Crafting Table, which allows the player to teleport without having to place down the block.


Telehole Anchor

Crafted with 6 Scrying Obsidian, 2 Ender Pearls, and 1 Cyton Branches. With a Telehole in hand, the player can right-click the Anchor to set the position where the player can teleport with that Telehole.


Embedded Obsidian

A common ore found in the Obsidian Caverns. When mined, it drops Obsidian.


Blast Bricks

A new building block crafted from 4 End Stone Bricks and 2 Obsidian. Has three stages, one for each time it takes a blow from an explosion. Unless broken with Silk Touch, it drops nothing. Blast Bricks can be repaired in a crafting table with End Stone Bricks.



A transparent block commonly found as an ore in End Barrens and Obsidian Grottos. When mined with Silk Touch, it drops itself. It can also be smelted from Eyesand. Because of their transparency, Eyeglass allows the player to see Chronic Debris.


Chronic Debris

A rare ore that spawns singularly in veins of Eyeglass Blocks. It can be smelted into Telebar Scraps. Unlike Ancient Debris, it is only slightly more blast resistant than Eyeglass, but is very hard.


Telebar Scrap

A raw material used to craft Telebar Ingots.


Telebar Ingot

Can be crafted with four Telebar Scraps and four Obsidian. It can then be combined in an Obsidian Smithing Table (currently very bad) with Diamond gear (tools, boots) to make Telebar gear. Telebar tools have extremely high attack and mining speed, but are otherwise not much of an upgrade from the Diamond tier. Telebar boots give Speed II and Jump Boost II for as long as they are worn.


Block of Telebar

A block of solid Telebar for anyone who wants to show off. It can, like Blocks of Netherite, be used as a beacon base. Unlike Netherite, it will grant the Speed effect under a beacon. (will use warped_wart_block as map colour in 1.16)


Cobbled Myelin

A decorative block that can be crafted from 9 Myelin, but cannot be crafted back.


Petrified Portal

“Ore” blocks that spawn singularly, covered by blocks, in Obsidian Grottos only. They can be mined with a pickaxe. When indirectly touching a Telehole Anchor they can be lit with Flint and Steel or an Ender Charge to turn into Refreshed Portals, or lit again to turn back. Jumping into a Refreshed Portal takes the player in and out of the Nether (Flint and Steel) or End (Ender Charge).


Additions below here are not in the mod yet.



A new passive mob that spawns in the Small End Islands and the Central Island. It strides through the void as if it were made of solid blocks. Very rarely drops a Shulker Shell. You can ride Pivoids (to prevent ugly bridges), but you can’t control their flying height. In the overworld, they turn upside down, unable to be ridden.


Wandering Shulkers

A new mob that resembles a Shulker riding a Pivoid. Spawns rarely in the Neural Forest. Wandering Shulkers are not separate entities. If one dies, the other will too.



A special lever crafted with Scrying Obsidian, an Eye of Ender, and a Stick. Functions like a Telehole, except with Redstone signals. To be added.


Telever Anchor

Crafted with Scrying Obsidian, Cyton Branches, an Ender Pearl, and a Stick. I think you get the idea.


Neural Door & Trapdoor

Door & Trapdoor variants crafted from Axons. To be added.


Neural Sign

A special sign crafted from Axons and an Endlight. Text is not immediately shown, instead you have to right click the sign for text to appear telepathically on your screen. To be added.


If you have any suggestions, criticism, or glitch reports, post it in the comments. I tried to make everything Minecrafty and useful to gameplay. Thanks for reading/downloading this!

Modification files
end_update_6.jar - revision 1.3.1 - kind of stable350.54 KB
end_update_1.4.3.jar - revision 1.4.3 - more features, not tested yet499.62 KB

1.0 - Added Nervous End Stone, Dendrite, Terminal Roots, Axons, Stripped Axons, Cyton Branches, Endlights, Myelin, Scryeyes, Enderberries, Eyestone, Scrying Obsidian, and unstable Obstructions.

1.0.1 - Changed Obsidian Caverns from End Midlands to End Barrens after realising End Midlands was a transition biome

1.1 - Added some new ideas, removed Obstructions and replaced them with Draglets, added Draglets and Ender Charges.

1.1.1 - Added a little bit of new ideas, added Endmeal Pieces, made Enderberries plantable, added Popped Enderberries, changed Draglets' Bone drop to Endmeal Pieces, removed Eyestone and Obsidian Piles for the future addition of Eyesand and Eyesoil

1.1.2 - Fixed extreme animation glitches with new mobs, failed at making Enderberry Vines climbable, fixed Ender Charges, changed Draglets' Endmeal Piece drop to End Crystals, made Ender Charges always drop from Draglets, added nonfunctional Teleholes and Telehole Anchors.

1.2 - Added functionality to Teleholes, made Draglets a little more common, made Enderberry Vines climbable :D, fixed Ender Charge explosion timing

1.3 - Improved Teleholes, tried to fix some bugs, added Eyesand

1.3.1 - Fixed some bugs, tried to improve Enderberry Vine climbing, retextured Eyesand, nerfed Ender Charges (and Draglets), added Obsidian Spikes

1.3.2 - Made Obsidian Spikes actually generate, tried to fix Enderberry climbing again, fixed Neurons, added images

1.4 - Changed some textures, destroyed Teleholes, added Blast Bricks (not tested), Eyeglass, Chronic Debris, Telebar Scraps, Telebar Ingots, Telebar Tools and Boots (unobtainable), Blocks of Telebar, Cobbled Myelin, Petrified and Refreshed Portals (no functionality yet).

1.4.1 - Added Dragon Fire, fixed Smithing Tables (ish)

1.4.2 - Removed Eyesand, changed Eyestone texture, fixed Smithing Table bug, did not fix Telehole bug

1.4.3 - Fixed Enderberry climbing yet again, tried fixing Teleholes, fixed Smithing Tables again i think, fixed Blast Bricks drops

1.5 - Will change End Barrens and Obsidian Grotto

Nice mod but i have a little question: which program ya used for making an image? (just seems that MS Paint used)

oh, you mean the thumbnail? that was made using gimp, but it's still just as bad. i changed it, though.