Xeshium Dimensions

Published by BIue on Fri, 08/30/2019 - 08:30
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This mod adds a variety of new things including new ores, weapons, dimensions, a massive dungeon to explore in one of said dimensions(WIP), and some machinery. If you find any major exploits, glitches, or errors, please tell me. There is a wiki, newly updated with much more information at



• 4 new ores, with 5 sets of armour to go with them.

• 5 (WIP) dimensions

• 2 crafting stations (WIP)

• 3 hostiles

• 1 boss

• Many blocks, some with functions.

• 4 weapons, and 3 tools

• 1 structure

• 2 plants



Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

• Added more to the Xeshium Dungeon.
• Buffed the health of Dagraelium automations, and changed their drops, adding
  a touch of randomness. Also nerfed Dagraelium sentries and soldiers damage.
• Fixed Dagraelium Soldier ai. It will now attack the player.
• Some other small fixes, changes, and additions..

• Nerfed the vanilla metal sheets to ingots recipe from 4 ingots to 3.
• Added Winterbloom, which can be crafted into 2 bonemeal.
• WIP new portal shape added.
• Slight texture improvement for the Xeshium Blast Door, though any
  currently existing will be broken.
• Added the Corrupted Wastelands dimension.
• Some small fixes.

• Made Flaming Thimbleberries correctly spawn in the Nether and Blazing Inferno dimensions.
• Possibly reduced lag in the Blazing Inferno dimension, though it is recommended to keep
  render distance at a minimum.
• Added a new texture to Blazing Lava, and changed the sky colour of the
  Blazing Inferno dimension.
• Changed the world generation for the Blazing Inferno slightly.
• Changed the recipe for the Advanced Smelter.
• Fixed a duplicated bug with the Assembly Table, and the maximum amount the Assembly Table
  output slot can now hold is 1.


• Skywood Leaves should now have a 5% chance of dropping a sapling, instead of 100%.
• Being in a cave in the Aquatic Depths dimension should no longer poison the player.
• Added a method to create Xeshium Golems.
• Added textures to several items.
• Removed the message upon summoning a Portal Guardian and also made it appear in the
  air to drop down, and immune to fall damage.
• Changed a few recipes.



• Dagraelium Ore will now spawn in the Nether, Aquatic Depths, Blazing Inferno,

  and Dark Abyss dimensions
• Fixed several recipes and removed the dimensional key recipes.
• Flaming Thimbleberries and Skywood trees can now grow naturally, or be bonemealed.

• Flaming Thimbleberries now spawn in the Nether.
• Improved the functionality of the Jetpack.
• Fixed a few things.



• Improved the Xeshium Dungeon.
• Slightly nerfed Dagraelium Soldiers.

• The Frozen Skylands Key can now be found in the Xeshium Dungeon.


• Made Dagraelium and Nesmunium ores more common.
• Added temporary Iron Golem textures to the Portal Guardian, Dagraelium Sentry, etc.
• Added Vertical Teleporters.
• Made functional custom loot tables which will be used in containers
  in the Xeshium Dungeon and any other similar structures.
• Added a bit to the Xeshium Dungeon.


• Changed names of some items.
• Fixed the missing textures for Xeshium Armour.
• Added the Advanced Enchantment Table, for custom enchantments that may be added.
  Only an enchantment for the Skywood Sword has been added so far.
• Fixed the Portal Frame Recipe, and made it overall less expensive.
• Changed the Advanced Portal Frame Recipe.
• Made the 1st Portal Guardian slower, but tougher. Also fixed a bug that would spawn 2 of them.
• Added Criontine Shard, and Skywood Sticks, and Skywood Arrows, which can be used in
  the Xeshium Bow for now.
• Hopefully actually implemented the improvements and fixes to the Xeshium Dungeon this time.
• A few small fixes and changes.


• Added Xeshium Stairs.
• Fixed Xeshium Pressure Blocks.
• Added smoke particles to the Jetpack.
• Removed a few unnecessary blocks.
• Renamed a few blocks.
• Most block IDs should no longer be renamed in the future.
• Fixed a bug similar to the one below, but for the Anti Build effect in the Xeshium Dungeon
• Added Crafting Table recipe from Skywood Planks.
• Changed the height Xeshium Pressure Blocks place the Redstone Block from -3 to -2
• Added sound to Xeshium Boxes.
• Some improvements and fixes to the Xeshium Dungeon. Still nothing to really explore.
• Small edit to the Aquatic Depths dimension.


• Fixed a bug that made players keep the Blazing Inferno effect outside of the Blazing Inferno
  dimension, and crash upon entering a second time.
• Modified a lot of blocks to be easier to mine/explode.
• Players entering the Xeshium Dungeon dimension will now spawn inside the Xeshium Dungeon.
• Made Skywood Trees drop their saplings.
• Added Jetpack. Put coal/charcoal in inventory to use.
• Added the Experimental and Loot Tables Creative tabs, and changed the tabs of many blocks
  and items.
• Reduced the damage of Skywood Swords, and increased the Levitation effect slightly.
• Changed the sky colour and world generation of the Aquatic Depths dimension slightly.
• Added a few WIP things in Experimental.


• Overhauled the Frozen Skylands dimension. Instead of using typical terrain generation,
  it will use structures from a list as islands. Also added Skywood trees and saplings,
  Skywood Planks, and Skywood Sword.
• Changed a bunch of textures.
• Added Xeshium Bridge, and Quintuple Piston crafting item. Place Redstone Blocks to the sides.
• Gave the dimension portals coloured portal animations, particles,
  sounds, and light.
• Various tweaks and fixes.
• Added Xeshium Bow, and Xeshium String.
• Added Flaming Thimbleberries.
• Added Xeshium Blast Doors. Place Redstone Blocks below.
• Possibly reduced lag in the Blazing Inferno, and Dark Abyss dimensions.
• Certain effects function better now.
• Added Xeshium Golem.
• Skystone Armour will now only allow flight in the Frozen Skylands dimension.
• Changed the Blazing Inferno world generation a bit.
• Added some advancements.
• Unnamed dimension was renamed to Dark Abyss, and Freezing Skylands to Frozen Skylands.

• Added Skystone Armour.
• Increased the amount of Nesmunium ore, and removed it from the Overworld.
• Reduced the amount of Criontine Ore a lot.
• Added a (WIP) creature for the Aquatic Depths dimension.
• Added Freezing Wind for the Freezing Skylands dimension. No resistances.
• Added the Blazing Inferno dimension. Extremely hot, Fire Resistance helps.
• Added the Unnamed dimension. Do not enter in survival or you will die.
  Arkite will be found in this dimension.
• Liquid Criontine now levitates entities inside the liquid correctly, and for longer.
• Added models to Stone Slab(Not vanilla.), Xeshium Slab, and Xeshium Spikes.
• Added Criontine Levitator, and Advanced Xeshium Healing Block.
• Changed some textures.

• Added custom loot table for Xeshium Box(Dungeon), though only just functional.
• Added Xeshium Slabs, and more Xeshium Pressure blocks, but with other block textures on top.
• Added Stone Slabs, which have the default Stone texture, along with Saws to craft them.
• Added Toxic Air for the Aquatic Depths dimension. Nestunium Diving Helmet resists this.
• A few small fixes.
• Added Arkite, and Criontine. Arkite is unused currently.
• Added the Freezing Skylands dimension, where you can find Criontine and Skystone.
• Added a texture for the portal keys.
• Added Liquid Criontine.

• Added recipe for Xeshium Pistol, and Ammo. Nerfed it a bit.
• Balanced Portal Guardian a bit, and gave it a display name.
• Removed block replacement and sound spam on Xeshium Pressure Blocks.
• The Guardian Summoner will now be consumed upon using.
• Added the incredibly rare and valuable Pure Xeshium. No use yet.
• Tweaked some blocks.
• Added Xeshium Spikes, Xeshium Light, Xeshium Pressure Block, and Xeshium Box.
• Added Xeshium Pickaxes, axes, and shovels. Also added Xeshium Sticks to craft them.
• Added the Aquatic Depths dimension. (WIP) You can find more Nesmunium here.
• Added Nesmunium Diving Suit.

• Added a currently unobtainable second Xeshium apple, similar to the Enchanted Golden Apple.
• Coal Block requirement for recipes in the Advanced Smelter was replaced with coal/charcoal,
  and Destabilized Xeshium now requires Xeshium Fuel.
• Changed the metal sheets to ingots recipes.
• Added Nesmunium Ore, ingots, and sheets, along with recipes.
• Added Nesmunium armour, which gives you multiple effects, but not much defense.
• Made Destabilized and regular Xeshium Ore, and Dagraelium Ore mineable.

• Added a proper texture for Dagraelium armour.
• Added Dagraelium Sheet and a recipe for it in the Advanced Smelter, along with a recipe
  to craft it into ingots.
• Added Xeshium armour, with the textures and recipes. Gives extra max health.
• Gave extra max health to Dagraelium armour, though less than Xeshium armour.
• Added a placeholder dimension with a craftable key(3 gold ingots) for mining Xeshium.
• Improved some textures.
• Removed Xeshium from the Overworld.
• Modified the hardness and explosion resistance of some blocks.
• Added potions with a hint of randomness, to be later found in the Xeshium Dungeon.
• Added a blindness effect that blinds the player much more. Unused currently.
• Added the Portal Guardian and an item to summon it.
  You can kill it for the key to the Xeshium Dungeon. (WIP)
• Added a recipe for Xeshium glass, which now functions correctly.
• Added Xeshium Apples. Similar to Golden Apples, but better.
• Increased Dagraelium armour durability.
• Added Throwable TNT. (Not actually throwable yet.)
• What I have made of the Xeshium Dungeon so far will now appear in the Xeshium Dungeon

• Added a proper recipe for the Advanced Smelter.
• Added Chiseled Xeshium Block, Xeshium Pillar Block, and recipes for them.
• Fixed some errors.

• Added item textures for Dagraelium armour.
• Changed item textures for Destabilized Xeshium Ingot and Destabilized Xeshium Ore,
  making them darker to differentiate them from their stable versions.
• Liquid Xeshium, though unobtainable without cheating, now has a weak regeneration effect.
• Replaced Iron Blocks with Xeshium Portal Frame for the portal to the Xeshium Dungeon.
• Added a recipe for Xeshium Portal Frame.
• Fixed the Basic Electronics recipe.
• Added Destabilized Xeshium Sheet, and added a recipe to make it in the Advanced Smelter,
  and a recipe to craft it into Destabilized Xeshium Ingots.
• Reworked some code.

Nice :)
Please can you explain what it adds in more detail though?