Xeshium Dimensions

Published by BIue on Fri, 08/30/2019 - 08:30
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This mod adds a variety of new things including new ores, weapons, dimensions, a massive structure that functions like an adventure map to explore in one of said dimensions(WIP), and some machinery. If you find any exploits, glitches, or errors, please tell me. There is a wiki, with much more information at



  •  10 ores, and 4 sets of armour for some of them
  •  11 (WIP) dimensions, with a custom portal frame required to get to them
  •  2 crafting stations (WIP), including the advanced smelter and assembly table
  •  4 enchantment
  •  6 hostiles
  •  2 bosses (WIP)
  •  Many blocks and items
  •  13 weapons, and 4 tools
  •  6 structures
  •  2 potion effects
  •  9 plants
  •  1 passive

                                                           This mod has 518 mod elements.

                                                     NEI or JEI is recommended for finding recipes.



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Modification files
Xeshium Dimensions V0.05_2.jar - Xeshium Dimensions V0.05 for Minecraft MB
Xeshium Dimensions V0.05.2.jar - Xeshium Dimensions V0.05.2 for Minecraft MB
Xeshium Dimensions V0.06.jar - Xeshium Dimensions V0.06 for Minecraft MB
Xeshium Dimensions V0.07_1.jar - Xeshium Dimensions V0.07 for Minecraft MB

    • Flamewalker enchantment.
    • Ethereal gold armour and sword, which can be enchanted with very powerful enchantments.
    • A recipe for smelting iegiralt and yokronyx in a furnace.
    • 4 new segments to the Xeshium Dungeon.
    • Blank totems, which can be enchanted into the vanilla totem of undying, or several totems with unique effects.
    • Xeshium bow.
    • An issue that allowed saplings to destroy blocks when growing, for the most part.
    • The missing sounds for opening xeshium boxes.
    • Dagraelium soldiers wandering.
    • Some missing GUIs.
    • Quite a lot of other small things.
    • Several procedures, making them more efficient.
    • The unstable xeshium block explosion. It is dramatically more powerful now.
    • The Xeshium Dungeon slightly.
    • The jetpack. Isplar can now be used as fuel.
    • A few textures.
    • The firing speed of some guns.
    • Trees from this mod growing. There is now 4 structures for each tree.
    • The spawn egg colours. They are now based on the colours of the mob.
    • The growing speed of elfirranth vine, dwarf cactus, and flaming thimbleberry, making them slower.


    • Recipes for smelting illuminum ore into illuminum,
      smelting isplar ore into isplar, and crafting torches from isplar and sticks.
    • A new biome to the Frozen Skylands.
    • Many more islands for the world generation in the Frozen Skylands, expanding it from 10 to 32.
    • Cactus fruit.
    • Snow wolves.
    • Two new structures to the Scorched Desert, one of which has the key to the Aquatic Depths.
    • A cooldown timer for each gun.
    • Ethereal gold.
    • Iegiralt sword.
    • Xeshium sniper rifle.

    • Yokronyx sword.
    • Iegiralt crystal sword.
    • The totem of undying recipe. This will be reimplemented better in the future.

    • The ids of several blocks.
    • Sky grass, which can now be turned into grass path.
    • The Portal Guardian, which is now slightly faster.
    • The speed at which liquid criontine flows. It is now 4 times slower.
    • And (hopefully) improved many, many textures.
    • The durability of the xeshium pistol from 100 to 4000.
    • The damage of energy weapons. They have been nerfed.


    • Some texture and GUI issues.
    • A recipe.
    • The dwarf cactus model.
    • Several grammatical errors.
    • A few other issues

    • Sky grass growing. It now grows at about a 1/10th of the previous speed, and will die if there is not air above it.

    • Ecutin
    • Corrupted nightshade
    • Elfirranth vine
    • Map making creative tab
    • T2 dagraelium sentry

    • T1 dagraelium knight

    • Energy rifle
    • Energy pistol
    • Mob despawner
    • Corrupted flesh
    • Liquid blocker
    • Fireflies
    • Dwarf cactus
    • The key to the Scorched Desert, and support in the portal controller to use it.
    • Block placer
    • Several unnecessary mod elements
    • Several unnecessary textures
    • The names of several blocks and items
    • The ids of many mod elements
    • Many more descriptions have been added to items
    • Quite a lot of small things in the mod, to hopefully make it overall better
    • Dagraelium ore, making it a bit more common
    • Ore generation slightly
    • Some textures
    • Some procedures, making them smaller and more effective
    • World generation for some dimensions
    • The experience gained from smelting certain items in a furnace
    • Leather armour, a full set of which now protects against freezing wind
    • The required tool harvest level for ores
    • The fortune effect being applied to certain ores
    • The ore generation for certain ores 
    • A glitch with teleporters that could teleport the player further than the specified distance



• Added the Scorched Desert dimension, where you can find fossils underground (which can also be found in overworld deserts), structures on the surface, and new ore: isplar, which you can use as fuel and to make a more powerful version of TNT.

• Fixed dagraelium warhammer, and the Aquatic Depths dimension.
• Changed the icons of some potion effects.
• Implemented a system that should reduce suffocating upon entering dimensions.
• Renamed some things.
• Improved some textures.
• The water in water buckets and wet sponges will now evaporate in the Blazing Inferno dimension.
• Added yokronyx block, and nesmunium block.
• Fixed the lag in the Blazing Inferno dimension.
• Added some information about many items on items.
• Blazing lava now turns water into cobblestone on contact.
• Added several new advancements, some currently unobtainable.
• Added a recipe for totem of undying, using iegiralt and gold.
• Nesmunium diving suit now has a limited air supply of approximately 3 minutes, and now also requires a nesmunium air tank to craft.
• Added potion of levitation, which is just the vanilla effect, though only for 30 seconds. Craft a vanilla bottle into a bottle from this mod, and use it on liquid criontine from the Frozen Skylands dimension.
• Some damage sources will now be effected by armour.
• Removed xeshium bridge and stone slab.
• Improved the teleporter configuration, and added a sound on teleporting.
• Improved the Corruption again, it should now also be compatible with some modded blocks.
• Improved iegiralt fertilizer, adding several new plants it effects.
• Added crystal iegiralt Sword, which is effective against undead, and heals everything else.
• Many other fixes.


• Iegiralt will now spawn in most dimensions, though still rarely.
• Improved many textures slightly.
• Other tweaks and fixes.


• Fixed some issues with going to dimensions.
• Added Dagraelium Warhammer.
• Increased Xeshium tools mining speed, damage, durability, and they now break into Xeshium Shards when broken.
• Improved some ai somewhat.


• Improved everything currently existing in the Xeshium Dungeon using some new blocks and designs.
• Added the start of the 4th segment(32x32x32 blocks) to the Xeshium Dungeon. 
• Improved the hardness and blast resistance of many blocks, and added map colours.
• Renamed Vertical Teleporters to Teleporters, and made them configurable.
• Compacted a lot of mod elements.
• Doubled the number of islands for the Frozen Skylands dimension to be randomly generated from 5 to 10.
• Added an in-game guide.
• Fixed some block glitching for the Teleporter on the y axis. 0.5 to 10, -0.5 to -10, 17 to 22, and -17 to -22.
• Disabled building in the Xeshium Dungeon once more.
• Improved multiple textures.
• Certain ores now give xp.
• Fixed Skystone Armour flight functionality.
• Added Xeshium Half Pillar.

• Added a extra tree for the Corrupted and Skywood saplings each.

• Added a few advancements.
• Automations will no longer have more defense than they should.
• Corrupted Leaves now drop saplings.
• Fixed the Transmitter Device recipe.
• Improvement to Dagraelium Sentry AI. They should now attack players more consistently.
• Lots of fixes.


• Changed the dimension IDs for this mod to 7001,7002,7003, etc.
• Updated the sky colour and world generation of the Aquatic Depths dimension.
• Added the Ethereal Forest dimension.
• Applied the ore dictionaries system to some blocks and items.
• Removed Nesmunium Armour, leaving Nesmunium Diving Suit, which has been nerfed and fixed.
• Removed the default levitation effect for Skywood Sword, instead requiring the enchantment, of which there are now 3 levels.
• Reduced the cost of enchanting at the Advanced Enchantment Table.
• Added map colours for many blocks.
• Removed a few unnecessary mod elements.
• Improved loot tables.
• Removed the Loot Tables creative tab.
• Changed and fixed a few other small things.


• All the portals should now correctly destabilize
  without a portal frame.
• Added recipes for all 5 Xeshium blocks, and a recipe
  to craft it back into ingots.
• Added Illuminum, which can only be seen in the darkness.
• Added custom models for the Assembly Table, and
  Advanced Smelter.
• More small fixes.


• Fixed the dimensional keys, making them obtainable again.
• Some small improvements to the Xeshium Dungeon.
• Other fixes.



  •  Any currently existing items, blocks, mobs, or anything from this mod will vanish upon updating to this version or any version after this one.


  • Added the Aquatic Depths and Blazing Inferno dimensions to the new portal design, though the keys for them are still unobtainable in survival mode.
  •  The Advanced Enchantment Table now takes xp.
  •  It is no longer possible to use the old portal design.
  •  Xeshium Stairs now function as stairs.
  •  Added Sword of Memories.
  •  Added Xeshium Bricks and Xeshium Double Slab.
  •  Added a cooldown to the Xeshium Bow and Xeshium Pistol.


• The player will now be correctly teleported into the
  Xeshium Dungeon upon entering the dimension.
• Added new textures for all the ores, and several
  other improved textures.
• Added textures to potion effects.
• Removed health boost from Xeshium and Dagraelium armour.
• Iegiralt now spawns correctly in the Overworld.
• Fixed the Frozen Skylands portal not returning to the Overworld.
• Other small fixes.


• Added a timer to the Advanced Smelter, and improved its functionality.
  It can now smelt iron, gold, Dagraelium, Nesmunium, and Iegiralt.
  It is also now craftable and is effected by gravity.
• You can no longer smelt Xeshium in a furnace, or Advanced Smelters.
• Again nerfed the vanilla metal sheets to ingots recipe from 3 to 2.
• Removed some unnecessary mod elements.
• Added Iegiralt Fertilizer, which is much more effective than bonemeal,

  though it currently works on few things.

• Fixed lag relating to Iegiralt and Yokronyx ores.
• Fixed Corrupted and Skywood saplings growing, they will no longer
  destroy blocks around them and require sky above them.
• Added Yokronyx Sword.
• Again improved the Corruption corrupting blocks.
• Corrupted Zombies will no longer burn at night when there is
  sky above them, and there is less chance of a zombie being
  corrupted and appearing inside a block.


• Added Iegiralt and Yokronyx.
• Added Corrupted Zombie, which will spawn on any Corrupted Grass Blocks in any dimension.
  They are very strong on Corrupted Grass Blocks, and weak on anything else.
• The Purifier now works correctly, and now has a placeholder recipe.
• Changed some GUIs.
• Improved Corruption corrupting blocks, and also added Corrupted Grass and Saplings.
• Replaced Xeshium Apples with Iegiralt Apples. The effects are weaker.
• Even more fixes.


• Dagraelium Ore will now only spawn in mountainous biomes, and is slightly
  more common now.
• The new portal frame is just about functional, though still WIP.
• The Corruption has been somewhat fixed.
• Added Corrupted Wood Planks.
• Added the Pocket Dimension.
• Added T2 and T3 Xeshium Boxes.
• Some more fixes.


• Added more to the Xeshium Dungeon.
• Buffed the health of Dagraelium automations, and changed their drops, adding
  a touch of randomness. Also nerfed Dagraelium sentries and soldiers damage.
• Fixed Dagraelium Soldier ai. It will now attack the player.
• Some other small fixes, changes, and additions.


• Nerfed the vanilla metal sheets to ingots recipe from 4 ingots to 3.
• Added Winterbloom, which can be crafted into 2 bonemeal.
• WIP new portal shape added.
• Slight texture improvement for the Xeshium Blast Door, though any
  currently existing will be broken.
• Added the Corrupted Wastelands dimension.
• Some small fixes.

• Made Flaming Thimbleberries correctly spawn in the Nether and Blazing Inferno dimensions.
• Possibly reduced lag in the Blazing Inferno dimension, though it is recommended to keep
  render distance at a minimum.
• Added a new texture to Blazing Lava, and changed the sky colour of the
  Blazing Inferno dimension.
• Changed the world generation for the Blazing Inferno slightly.
• Changed the recipe for the Advanced Smelter.
• Fixed a duplicated bug with the Assembly Table, and the maximum amount the Assembly Table
  output slot can now hold is 1.


• Skywood Leaves should now have a 5% chance of dropping a sapling, instead of 100%.
• Being in a cave in the Aquatic Depths dimension should no longer poison the player.
• Added a method to create Xeshium Golems.
• Added textures to several items.
• Removed the message upon summoning a Portal Guardian and also made it appear in the
  air to drop down, and immune to fall damage.
• Changed a few recipes.



• Dagraelium Ore will now spawn in the Nether, Aquatic Depths, Blazing Inferno,

  and Dark Abyss dimensions
• Fixed several recipes and removed the dimensional key recipes.
• Flaming Thimbleberries and Skywood trees can now grow naturally, or be bonemealed.

• Flaming Thimbleberries now spawn in the Nether.
• Improved the functionality of the Jetpack.
• Fixed a few things.



• Improved the Xeshium Dungeon.
• Slightly nerfed Dagraelium Soldiers.

• The Frozen Skylands Key can now be found in the Xeshium Dungeon.


• Made Dagraelium and Nesmunium ores more common.
• Added temporary Iron Golem textures to the Portal Guardian, Dagraelium Sentry, etc.
• Added Vertical Teleporters.
• Made functional custom loot tables which will be used in containers
  in the Xeshium Dungeon and any other similar structures.
• Added a bit to the Xeshium Dungeon.


• Changed names of some items.
• Fixed the missing textures for Xeshium Armour.
• Added the Advanced Enchantment Table, for custom enchantments that may be added.
  Only an enchantment for the Skywood Sword has been added so far.
• Fixed the Portal Frame Recipe, and made it overall less expensive.
• Changed the Advanced Portal Frame Recipe.
• Made the 1st Portal Guardian slower, but tougher. Also fixed a bug that would spawn 2 of them.
• Added Criontine Shard, and Skywood Sticks, and Skywood Arrows, which can be used in
  the Xeshium Bow for now.
• Hopefully actually implemented the improvements and fixes to the Xeshium Dungeon this time.
• A few small fixes and changes.


• Added Xeshium Stairs.
• Fixed Xeshium Pressure Blocks.
• Added smoke particles to the Jetpack.
• Removed a few unnecessary blocks.
• Renamed a few blocks.
• Most block IDs should no longer be renamed in the future.
• Fixed a bug similar to the one below, but for the Anti Build effect in the Xeshium Dungeon
• Added Crafting Table recipe from Skywood Planks.
• Changed the height Xeshium Pressure Blocks place the Redstone Block from -3 to -2
• Added sound to Xeshium Boxes.
• Some improvements and fixes to the Xeshium Dungeon. Still nothing to really explore.
• Small edit to the Aquatic Depths dimension.


• Fixed a bug that made players keep the Blazing Inferno effect outside of the Blazing Inferno
  dimension, and crash upon entering a second time.
• Modified a lot of blocks to be easier to mine/explode.
• Players entering the Xeshium Dungeon dimension will now spawn inside the Xeshium Dungeon.
• Made Skywood Trees drop their saplings.
• Added Jetpack. Put coal/charcoal in inventory to use.
• Added the Experimental and Loot Tables Creative tabs, and changed the tabs of many blocks
  and items.
• Reduced the damage of Skywood Swords, and increased the Levitation effect slightly.
• Changed the sky colour and world generation of the Aquatic Depths dimension slightly.
• Added a few WIP things in Experimental.


• Overhauled the Frozen Skylands dimension. Instead of using typical terrain generation,
  it will use structures from a list as islands. Also added Skywood trees and saplings,
  Skywood Planks, and Skywood Sword.
• Changed a bunch of textures.
• Added Xeshium Bridge, and Quintuple Piston crafting item. Place Redstone Blocks to the sides.
• Gave the dimension portals coloured portal animations, particles,
  sounds, and light.
• Various tweaks and fixes.
• Added Xeshium Bow, and Xeshium String.
• Added Flaming Thimbleberries.
• Added Xeshium Blast Doors. Place Redstone Blocks below.
• Possibly reduced lag in the Blazing Inferno, and Dark Abyss dimensions.
• Certain effects function better now.
• Added Xeshium Golem.
• Skystone Armour will now only allow flight in the Frozen Skylands dimension.
• Changed the Blazing Inferno world generation a bit.
• Added some advancements.
• Unnamed dimension was renamed to Dark Abyss, and Freezing Skylands to Frozen Skylands.

• Added Skystone Armour.
• Increased the amount of Nesmunium ore, and removed it from the Overworld.
• Reduced the amount of Criontine Ore a lot.
• Added a (WIP) creature for the Aquatic Depths dimension.
• Added Freezing Wind for the Freezing Skylands dimension. No resistances.
• Added the Blazing Inferno dimension. Extremely hot, Fire Resistance helps.
• Added the Unnamed dimension. Do not enter in survival or you will die.
  Arkite will be found in this dimension.
• Liquid Criontine now levitates entities inside the liquid correctly, and for longer.
• Added models to Stone Slab(Not vanilla.), Xeshium Slab, and Xeshium Spikes.
• Added Criontine Levitator, and Advanced Xeshium Healing Block.
• Changed some textures.

• Added custom loot table for Xeshium Box(Dungeon), though only just functional.
• Added Xeshium Slabs, and more Xeshium Pressure blocks, but with other block textures on top.
• Added Stone Slabs, which have the default Stone texture, along with Saws to craft them.
• Added Toxic Air for the Aquatic Depths dimension. Nestunium Diving Helmet resists this.
• A few small fixes.
• Added Arkite, and Criontine. Arkite is unused currently.
• Added the Freezing Skylands dimension, where you can find Criontine and Skystone.
• Added a texture for the portal keys.
• Added Liquid Criontine.

• Added recipe for Xeshium Pistol, and Ammo. Nerfed it a bit.
• Balanced Portal Guardian a bit, and gave it a display name.
• Removed block replacement and sound spam on Xeshium Pressure Blocks.
• The Guardian Summoner will now be consumed upon using.
• Added the incredibly rare and valuable Pure Xeshium. No use yet.
• Tweaked some blocks.
• Added Xeshium Spikes, Xeshium Light, Xeshium Pressure Block, and Xeshium Box.
• Added Xeshium Pickaxes, axes, and shovels. Also added Xeshium Sticks to craft them.
• Added the Aquatic Depths dimension. (WIP) You can find more Nesmunium here.
• Added Nesmunium Diving Suit.

• Added a currently unobtainable second Xeshium apple, similar to the Enchanted Golden Apple.
• Coal Block requirement for recipes in the Advanced Smelter was replaced with coal/charcoal,
  and Destabilized Xeshium now requires Xeshium Fuel.
• Changed the metal sheets to ingots recipes.
• Added Nesmunium Ore, ingots, and sheets, along with recipes.
• Added Nesmunium armour, which gives you multiple effects, but not much defense.
• Made Destabilized and regular Xeshium Ore, and Dagraelium Ore mineable.

• Added a proper texture for Dagraelium armour.
• Added Dagraelium Sheet and a recipe for it in the Advanced Smelter, along with a recipe
  to craft it into ingots.
• Added Xeshium armour, with the textures and recipes. Gives extra max health.
• Gave extra max health to Dagraelium armour, though less than Xeshium armour.
• Added a placeholder dimension with a craftable key(3 gold ingots) for mining Xeshium.
• Improved some textures.
• Removed Xeshium from the Overworld.
• Modified the hardness and explosion resistance of some blocks.
• Added potions with a hint of randomness, to be later found in the Xeshium Dungeon.
• Added a blindness effect that blinds the player much more. Unused currently.
• Added the Portal Guardian and an item to summon it.
  You can kill it for the key to the Xeshium Dungeon. (WIP)
• Added a recipe for Xeshium glass, which now functions correctly.
• Added Xeshium Apples. Similar to Golden Apples, but better.
• Increased Dagraelium armour durability.
• Added Throwable TNT. (Not actually throwable yet.)
• What I have made of the Xeshium Dungeon so far will now appear in the Xeshium Dungeon

• Added a proper recipe for the Advanced Smelter.
• Added Chiseled Xeshium Block, Xeshium Pillar Block, and recipes for them.
• Fixed some errors.

• Added item textures for Dagraelium armour.
• Changed item textures for Destabilized Xeshium Ingot and Destabilized Xeshium Ore,
  making them darker to differentiate them from their stable versions.
• Liquid Xeshium, though unobtainable without cheating, now has a weak regeneration effect.
• Replaced Iron Blocks with Xeshium Portal Frame for the portal to the Xeshium Dungeon.
• Added a recipe for Xeshium Portal Frame.
• Fixed the Basic Electronics recipe.
• Added Destabilized Xeshium Sheet, and added a recipe to make it in the Advanced Smelter,
  and a recipe to craft it into Destabilized Xeshium Ingots.
• Reworked some code.

What program are you using for the models?
If it's a JSON model, check this page: https://mcreator.net/wiki/my-json-model-renders-broken-texture
If it's a OBJ, check this one instead: https://mcreator.net/wiki/custom-obj-models-blocks-and-items