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GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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       At the moment, mod has:
           - 29 biomes
           - 15 mobs
           - 6 bosses
           - 1 dimension
           - over 300 items, blocks and decorations

       With this mod, you will really enjoy exploring the world, seeing many landscape-changing biomes, creature-filled dungeons, and most importantly, bosses with their own unique items. The abundance of blocks and decorations will allow you to create very beautiful buildings. Also, do not forget about the dimensions (at the moment it is one), in which you can also see new creatures, various plants, biomes and items.

       The mod also has a division into elements such as: water, fire, air, earth. But there are also intermediate elements, for example: desert, sun, ice, chaos, growth. Some biomes are related to some element, for example: volcanic lands belong to the fire element, and in this biome there will be structures that contain fire cores in the chests, or another example, an overgrown forest related to the earth element (or growth) will be found a huge tree inside which lies earth core.

       If you have gone through the mod completely, found all the items, killed all the bosses, but do not forget about it, since it is updated significantly almost every two weeks, textures, landscape change somewhere, new creatures are added, as well as new items and blocks.

        List of biomes:

            - Overgrown Forest (will be redone)
            - Valley of Shells (+1)
            - Bloody Lands
            - Malachite Mountains (+1)
            - Snow Lands (+2)
            - Willow Forest
            - Mangrove Forest
            - Chestnut Forest
            - Bottom of the Ocean
            - Mushroom Lands
            - Sakura Forest
            - Beech Forest
            - Light Swamp
            - Silent Expanse Forest (+7)
            - Oceanic Lands (will be redone)

        List of mobs:
            - Altsquilla
            - Shadow Samurai
            - Wind Temple Spirit
            - Desert Elemental
            - Cryo Elemental
            - Swamp Zombie
            - Mectanium Golem
            - Illager Troll
            - Scorpion
            - Deep Angler
            - Deep Shark
            - Shogun's Henchman
            - Forgotten Goblin
            - Float Eye

        List of bosses:

            - No-One

            - Laughing Jack

            - Supreme Shogun

            - Earth Elemental

            - Fire Elemental

            - Eye

Modification files
tbaddition+-stable1.3.61-1.16.5.jarUploaded on: 05/27/2022 - 18:23   File size: 18.74 MB

      - Log and stone craft compatibility.

      - New items.

      - Fixed bugs.

      - Minor changes.

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Just wow! What a beauty! The textures are made at the highest level. It's a pleasure to play with this modification. But it's just hard to figure it out. Even with JEI, I didn't fully understand some things. My congratulations and good luck!