Upon Infernal Depths

Published by Sajevius on Mon, 09/28/2020 - 11:51
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On the sultry Nether upon which your ardent desire for exploration has led you, your peripherals detect a strange ore with orange gems in it. Out of your desire for discovery and collection of things on all the adventures you embark on, you mine it with your half-durability iron pickaxe and keep it in your near-cluttered inventory. You called it "vulkatite".

As you continue your travels upon the nether, you see a strange broken frame of burning stone. Seeing that it's broken and incomplete, you keep track of the strange stone's appearance; after which you start to mine some more of that stone's kind in the vicinity until you had enough for fixing the broken thing. You remove the unnecessary blocks surrounding it and fix the rectangle shape it once had, using the newly acquired blocks you came to know as vulcanstone.

So you tried igniting it with your worn-out flint and steel, but nothing happened. Then you attempted to combine the vulkatite gem you mined with an ingot of iron to see if it'll be the appropriate tool to ignite the strange portal. You ignite the frame with it and are proven right. Before that, you started to think of what horrid surprises might await you on the deeper parts of the Nether, but without saying a word in your head you hastily enter the portal. But at least you're already prepared for the worst, right...?

Welcome to the Infernal Depths, crafter.

best introduction ever for a mod XD


238 mod elements, 2 armor sets, 5 biomes (1 unused due to undisclosed issues but you'll be fine), 28 blocks (with 4 ores), 8 creative tabs, 3 living entities, 1 dimension, 4 food, 1 plant, 39 procedures, 16 structures, 15 tools.

This is Upon Infernal Depths, a mod that adds a new dimension, which is in a sense a deeper version of the nether we all know and love (do we really, tho?). This time around, it's way scarier than the good ol' Nether we've always known. Do you dare to explore the most maddening of depths for greater glory and reputation (and also for the fun of it), at the cost of your sanity?


• Dungeons generate in the Deep Inferno dimension

• The Ardent Oculus' ranged attack is mostly inaccurate and therefore keeps missing for the most part

• Burnstorm and Pyroculus spawn too frequently

• Blocks from the Deep Inferno still don't sustain fire

• Still no naturally-generating fire similar to the Nether


• This mod is in alpha stage as you can see in this modpage, so expect bugs ruining at least a few of your experiences with this mod, or other mods. if there are any bugs or incompatibilities I failed to catch and fix for myself tho, just tell me in the comments and I'll try my best to fix what can be fixed!
• The guide for this mod shall be up after 48* hours, I promise. I need to take my time to polish it a bit. But for now though, I'll leave you to explore what else this mod offers :)
• I'm open to any and all suggestions, so feel free to express what you think of this mod in the comments, and maybe I'll keep this project alive and improving for as long as I can handle!
• Though still in relatively early development, including this mod in your modpack if you really want is something I'll accept and appreciate as well, as long as you make sure to credit me!

• I recommend that you play this mod along with JEI for easy custom recipe viewing and AutoRegLib if you want all recipes registered immediately

oh, and try playing it along with SoundFilters and AmbientSounds 3 as well ;)


Forum Topic: https://mcreator.net/forum/66818/upon-infernal-depths-mod-discussion

Guide: https://mcreator.net/forum/66819/upon-infernal-depths-basic-guide



IMPORTANT: I currently have a lot to do on online classes, so I hope you all understand if updates will come later than expected. I'll take my time and pause the mod development for now. Later  :,)


Modification files
InfernalDepths-v1.0.0_alpha [1.14.4].jar - the very first public release.608.53 KB

[ alpha 1.0.0 ]

- added armor (2):

  • vulkatite armor
  • pyrochitum armor

- added biomes (5):

  • deep inferno wastelands
  • deep inferno forest (not in-game)
  • cinder barrens
  • flesh grotto
  • burning fields

- added the Deep Inferno Dimension

- added ff. blocks (28):

  • vulcanstone
  • infernrack
  • infernrack burnylium
  • infernash
  • infernrack bricks, brick stairs, brick slab & brick wall
  • cinderstone
  • depth brimstone
  • flesh
  • brimfruit
  • vulkatite ore, deep inferno quartz ore, depthferrum ore, sanguicite ore, pyrochitum ore
  • block of vulkatite, block of depthferrum, block of pyrochitum
  • depthwood log, depthwood, leaves, planks, stairs, slab, fence, fence gate

- added ff. creative tabs (8):

  • Infernal Depths Building
  • Infernal Depths Items
  • Infernal Depths Tools
  • Infernal Depths Weapons
  • Infernal Depths Armor
  • Infernal Depths Decoration
  • Infernal Depths Entities
  • Infernal Depths Food

- added entities (3)

  • Burnstorm
  • Pyroculus
  • The Ardent Oculus (BOSS)

- added foods (4):

  • depth hog porkchop (raw & cooked)
  • flesh strip
  • brimfruit slice

- added items (11):

  • vulkatite
  • vulkatite and steel
  • sanguicite crystal & crytstal dust,
  • depthferrum nuget
  • pyrochitum ingot, depthferrum ingot
  • pyroculus lens, burnsoul
  • ardent lens
  • ardent energy

- added plant:

  • burnshroom

- added many recipes
- added structures (16):

  • Broken Deep Inferno Portal (3 variants)
  • Fossils (3 variants)
  • Giant Spikes (3 variants)
  • Vulcanstone boulders (3 variants)
  • Brimfruit spawns (4 variants)

- added tools (12):

  • vulkatite tool set (A, P, S, H)
  • depthferrum toolset (A, P, S, H)
  • pyrochitum toolset (A, P, S, H)

// A = axe, P = pickaxe, S = shovel, H = hoe

- added weapons (3):

  • vulkatite sword, depthferrum sword, pyrochitum sword


super cool. like a nether update but better because it adds a new dimension instead of adding on to an existing one.

it's a good mod. I like it. and I think over time it can be a very good mod. only a few updates are missing.

this is only the beginning, so i'm thinking of making many cool (or should i say hot) updates eventually, and i'll stick to keeping it a good, balanced mod as well. thanks for sharing your thoughts!