Upon Infernal Depths

Published by Sajevius on Mon, 09/28/2020 - 11:51
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On the sultry Nether upon which your ardent desire for exploration has led you, your peripherals detect a strange ore with orange gems in it. Out of your desire for discovery and collection of things on all the adventures you embark on, you mine it with your half-durability iron pickaxe and keep it in your near-cluttered inventory. You called it "vulkatite".

As you continue your travels upon the nether, you see a strange broken frame of burning stone. Seeing that it's broken and incomplete, you keep track of the strange stone's appearance; after which you start to mine some more of that stone's kind in the vicinity until you had enough for fixing the broken thing. You remove the unnecessary blocks surrounding it and fix the rectangle shape it once had, using the newly acquired blocks you came to know as vulcanstone.

So you tried igniting it with your worn-out flint and steel, but nothing happened. Then you attempted to combine the vulkatite gem you mined with an ingot of iron to see if it'll be the appropriate tool to ignite the strange portal. You ignite the frame with it and are proven right. Before that, you started to think of what horrid surprises might await you on the deeper parts of the Nether, but without saying a word in your head you hastily enter the portal. But at least you're already prepared for the worst, right...?

Welcome to the Infernal Depths, crafter.


300+ mod elements, 1 new dimension, 6 biomes, dozens of blocks, and unique entities.

This is Upon Infernal Depths, a mod that adds a new hellish dimension, which is in a sense a deeper version of the Nether we all know and love, taking a few inspirations from the Nether Update itself. This time around, it's gonna be way tougher than the good ol' Nether we've always known. Do you dare to explore the most maddening of depths for greater power and reputation (and also for the fun of it), at the cost of your sanity?


  • The Ardent Oculus' ranged attack is inaccurate and therefore keeps missing for the most part [since 1.0.0 alpha]
  • Burnstorm and Pyroculus spawn too frequently [since 1.0.0 alpha] [FIXED: snapshot 210405b]
  • Blocks from the Deep Inferno still don't sustain fire [since 1.0.0 alpha]
  • Still no naturally-generating fire similar to the Nether [since 1.0.0 alpha]
  • Giant burnshrooms float sometimes, which is very weird [since 1.0.0 beta] [FIXED: snapshot 210405b]
  • The advancement "A Hostile World" gets completed when the player enters the Nether (it's supposed to be granted by entering the Deep Inferno) [since 1.0.0 beta] [FIXED: snapshot 210405b]
  • Glungliders' durability gets quickly shredded when equipped in either mainhand or offhand, making them break easily and are thus unusable [since snapshot 210410a]


  • Expect a few bugs ruining some of your experiences with this and/or other mod/s. If there are any bugs and/or incompatibilities I failed to catch and fix for myself,  tell me in the comments and I'll try my best to fix what can be fixed!
  • I'm open to any and all feedback & suggestions, so always feel free to express what you think of this mod in the comments, and maybe I'll keep this project alive and improving for as long as I can handle it!
  • Including this mod in your modpack is something I'll accept and appreciate, as long as you make sure to credit me! 
  • I recommend that you play this mod along with JEI for easy custom recipe viewing and AutoRegLib if you want all recipes registered immediately*
  • And try playing it along with SoundFilters and AmbientSounds 3 as well ;)

Here's a (currently kinda outdated) basic guide for this mod: https://mcreator.net/forum/66819/upon-infernal-depths-basic-guide


IMPORTANT: I currently have a lot to do in online classes, so I hope you all understand if updates will come way later than expected.

UPDATE 11/08/2020

Sorry for the late upload, I was really occupied w/ online classes for the last 2 weeks or so :/

Everything's calmer though, for now.

I'm planning to change the minimum supported version of this mod to 1.15.2, and considering reworking this mod by coding everything on my own starting June 2021.

UPDATE 03/27/2021

Still no mod version updates this time (sorry if I excited you, haha), but I do have news about the current state of this mod's development.

  • I've ported and changed the minimum supported version of the mod to 1.15.2, and dropped support for 1.14.4 (1.15.2 version is still in development)
  • I've started reworking most textures
  • Next full version will be 2.0.0 instead of 1.1.0; I decided to increment the major version number coz I just ported this mod to 1.15.2 like I said (I will be changing the major version number in every update that adds/removes support for certain Minecraft versions and/or removes big mechanics in this mod)
  • As soon as I can add most of the stuff I've planned lately and develop a stable 1.15.2 version, I will consider supporting 1.16.4/1.16.5 too!

Also, thanks for 80+ downloads! ^_^

UPDATE 04/05/2021

Hi, I'm back again, and with a new snapshot version this time! The said snapshot, 210405b, is the first snapshot for a major upcoming update called "One Hell of An Update". (see what I did there?) Hope you enjoy!

(If there are some bugs I may have missed, feel free to tell me about it! I aim for this next major update to be as stable as possible, so feedback is very much appreciated.)

P.S.: Please don't ask me to backport this mod to old/obsolete versions, as I'm really focusing on newer ones. Thank you!

Modification files
UponInfernalDepths-1.15.2-210405b.jar - 210405b Snapshot, released on 4/5/2021 [for 1.15.2]Uploaded on: 04/05/2021 - 13:25   File size: 1.02 MB
UponInfernalDepths-1.15.2-210410a.jar - 210410a Snapshot, released on 4/10/2021 [for 1.15.2]Uploaded on: 04/10/2021 - 06:09   File size: 1.18 MB
UponInfernalDepths-1.15.2-210423a.jar - 210423a Snapshot, released on 4/23/2021 [for 1.15.2]Uploaded on: 04/23/2021 - 06:41   File size: 1.28 MB
UponInfernalDepths-1.15.2-210602a.jar - [Latest] 210602a Snapshot, released on 6/2/2021 [for 1.15.2]Uploaded on: 06/02/2021 - 13:41   File size: 1.32 MB

[ 210602a snapshot ]

  • added plant:
    • depthroots
  • added cross-compatibility features with the Wastelands of Baedoor mod:
    • burning glunguses, pyroculi, and burnstorms are now killable by the Nether Avoider block
    • depthferrum wardens will now be affected by the Dismantle enchantment, receiving more damage
  • added item:
    • depthroot cord
  • added a 5-second wait before summing the Ardent Oculus, where the summoning player will also receive 4.5-second blindness
  • reduced Ardent Lens use cooldown
  • made vulkatite ores generation slightly rarer 
  • made ardent lens summon the Ardent Oculus closer to the player (summoned 8 blocks in front of player now)
  • retextured items:
    • depthferrum ingot
    • depthferrum sword/axe/pick/shove/hoe
    • glungus tissue
    • glunglider
  • [bugfix] hot blocks such as vulcanstones and depth brimstones destroyed dropped items
  • [bugfix] glungliders still allowed the player to unintentionally glide after landing in some cases

[ 210423a snapshot ]
  • changed dimension name from "Deep Inferno" to "Infernal Depths"
  • slightly improved the world generation of most of the dimension's biomes by adding new natural features
  • fire now occasionally generates in the dimension
  • fireberries are now plantable on ash or infernrack burnylium by right-clicking block w/ fireberries food
  • swapped textures between infernrack and depthstone
  • infernrack can now be bonemealed when next to infernrack burnylium to get more burnylium
  • gliding with glungliders is now controllable (player must press spacebar while falling in order to glide)
  • sanguicite-related blocks can now be mined & drop successfully starting with stone pickaxe
  • flaming vines are now instantly breakable
  • added blocks:
    • burnshroom stairs/slab/fence/fence gate
    • sanguicite rock
    • soot
    • depthstone bricks
  • renamed biome:
    • burning fields -> scorching fields
  • renamed advancements:
    • A Frightful World -> Frightful Depths
  • retextured items:
    • glunglider
    • vulkatite and steel
    • depthferrum nugget
    • depthferrum tools
    • sanguicite shard
    • sanguicite dust
  • retextured blocks:
    • infernrack
    • block of sanguicite
    • sanguishroom
    • pyrochitum ore
    • burnshroom planks
    • block of depthferrum
    • sanguicite ore
  • retextured armor:
    • vulkatite
  • pyrochitum tools now give player strength upon hitting mobs when not in a nether-like biome
  • depth hogs are now tameable & breedable with burnshrooms instead of carrots
  • [bugfix] fire-resistant mobs still got damaged walking on vulcanstone & depth brimstone
  • [bugfix] depth hogs did not spawn on infernal wastelands anymore
  • [bugfix] glunglider durability got shredded fast when being held in mainhand/offhand, rendering it unusable

[ 210410a snapshot ]
  • improved the respawning system in the Deep Inferno; players now respawn in the coordinates where their portal was when they arrived!
  • added item:
    • glungus tissue 
    • glunglider (very bugged)
  • added block:
    • infernrack vulkatite ore
    • depthstone
  • added foodstuff:
    • fireberries
  • added entity:
    • burning glungus (can dodge most vanilla projectiles, making it quite tricky to kill with shots!)
  • added recipes from depthstone (you can craft stone recipes with them now, similar to 1.16 blackstone)
  • retextured block:
    • infernash
    • burnfruit
    • fireberry bush
    • flaming vines
    • flameroots
    • vulkatite ore
    • block of vulkatite
  • retextured item:
    • pyrochitum ingot
    • depthferrum ingot
    • sanguicite shard
    • vulkatite
    • vulkatite and steel
    • vulkatite sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel, hoe
    • vulkatite helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots
  • slight tweaks on vulkatite armor pieces' equipped texture
  • renamed biome:    
    • deep inferno wastelands -> infernal wastelands
  • renamed block:
    • firevines -> flaming vines
  • nerfed depthferrum tools
  • turned pyroculus into neutral mobs because THEY WERE SO ANNOYING.
  • pyrochitum ore now only generates in the following biomes:
    • burning fields
    • burnshroom forest
    • infernal wastelands
  • flaming vines now generate in the burnshroom forest
  • vulkatite ores now only generate near lava!
  • only living entities burn when colliding with burning plants now, to prevent accidental loss of dropped items
  • separated crafting of iron tools into depthferrum tools, reduced the amount of ingots needed to craft iron into depthferrum, and added depthferrum tools recipes that use depthferrum ingot
  • increased depthferrum ore generation per chunk and ores per vein
  • hitting entities with vulkatite tools while you are burning now sets them on fire!
  • wearing a full set of vulkatite armor now protects you from fire while burning and lost 2 hearts, in exchange for the pieces' durability slowly draining while active! (fully compatible with custom max health)
  • burning sporebugs now despawn and emit burning spore particles when hurt

[ 210405b Snapshot ]
  • switched minimum supported Forge version to 1.15.2 and dropped support for 1.14!
  • changed mod ID from "infernal_depths" to "upon_infernal_depths"
  • increased vulcanstone ore groups per chunk
  • added entity:
    • burning sporebug
  • added particle:
    • burning spore
  • added foodstuff:
    • burnshroom stew
  • added blocks:
    • flameroots
    • stripped burnshroom stem
    • burnshroom planks
  • renamed advancement:
    • A Hostile World -> A Frightful World
  • renamed biome:
    • burning forest -> burnshroom forest
  • renamed item:
    • sanguicite -> sanguicite shard
  • renamed blocks:
    • sanguicite crystal -> sanguicite cluster
    • burnweed -> flamesprouts
    • deep inferno quartz ore -> infernrack quartz ore
  • retextured entities:
    • burnstorm
    • pyroculus
  • retextured blocks:
    • block of vulkatite [experimental]
    • block of pyrochitym
    • sanguicite cluster
    • infernrack burnylium
    • fiery bloom
    • cinderstone
    • infernrack
    • infernrack bricks
    • burnshroom & tall burnshroom
    • flamesprouts
    • vulkatite ore
    • all Deep Inferno ores (except sanguicite)
  • retextured items
    • pyrochitum ingot
    • pyrochitum tools (all) [experimental]
    • vulkatite
    • vulkatite and steel
    • vulkatite tools (all)
    • vulkatite armor (all)
    • burnsoul [experimental]
    • depthferrum ingot
    • depthferrum nugget
    • depthferrum tools (all)
    • sanguicite shard
    • sanguicite crystal dust
    • pyroculus lens
    • ardent lens
  • nerfed entities:
    • burnstorm (reduced health, armor, and attack damage)
    • the ardent oculus (reduced health and attack damage)
    • pyroculus (reduced attack damage)
  • remodeled entity:
    • depthferrum warden (removed its sword)
  • renamed fire bush to fireberry bush but they still don't grow fireberries (I'm adding fireberries in the next update)
  • reduced the time that burnshrooms and other fire-themed plants can burn entities on collision
  • tweaked all creative tabs
  • burnshrooms can now be bonemealed (but it's still buggy)
  • burnstorms now place fire on the blocks they walk in
  • added special attack effects for burnstorm
  • lava falls now only generate above y-75 level
  • slightly changed sky colors of the Deep Inferno biomes
  • greatly increased large burnshroom generation chance
  • tweaked large burnshroom structures and finally fixed floating burnshrooms!
  • ardent bolt now requires ardent energy to fire successfully
  • [Bugfix] fixed a bug where dropping items on top of porous sanguistone would break it; only living entities can fall when stepping on porous
    sanguistone now
  • [Bugfix] finally fixed the advancement "A Frightful World" being granted when entering the Nether instead of Deep Inferno dimension

[ 1.0.0 Stable Release ] 
  • retextured blocks:
    • infernrack
    • infernrack burnylium
    • all Deep Inferno ores
    • burnweed
    • flesh
  • renamed "burnbloom" to "fiery bloom"
  • reduced attack knockback of depthferrum warden
  • added plant: firebush 
  • and some minor bug fixes 

[ 1.0.0 Beta ]
  • retextured blocks: 
    • infernrack, infernrack burnylium, and all Deep Inferno ores
    • vulkatite ore
    • Deep Inferno portal block
    • flesh
    • block of depthferrum
    • depthwood log
    • burnshroom
    • burnfruit
    • sanguicite block
    • vulcanstone (now animated)
  • nerfed The Ardent Oculus' XP drops all the way from 4000 to 500
  • added plants:
    • burnweed
    • burnshroom
    • sanguishroom
  • added entities:
    • depth Hog (unspawnable)
    • depthferrum Warden
  • depthferrum wardens can be spawned just like iron golems, except replacing iron w/ depthferrum blocks & carved pumpkin w/ burnfruit 
  • added structures/features:
    • depthwood tree (2 variants; both unused)
    • giant burnshroom (2 variants)
  • lava falls now generate in the Deep Inferno!
  • added blocks:
    • burnshroom stem & burnshroom cap
    • sanguicite crystal
    • sanguishroom
    • sanguistone & porous sanguistone
    • komatiite
  • renamed "sanguicite crystal" (item) to "sanguicite" to prevent confusion with the new sanguicite crystal (cross-model block)
  • increased burnfruit spawn frequency and min-max groups
  • decreased spawn frequency of lava ocean spikes
  • minor improvements to structure spawning conditions
  • renamed "brimfruit" to "burnfruit"
  • renamed "Flesh Grotto" to "Sanguine Grotto" and added some more features to it

[ 1.0.0 Alpha ]
  • added the Deep Inferno dimension
  • added armor:
    • vulkatite armor
    • pyrochitum armor
  • added biomes:
    • deep inferno wastelands
    • deep inferno forest (unused)
    • cinder barrens
    • flesh grotto
    • burning fields
  • added blocks:
    • vulcanstone
    • infernrack
    • infernrack burnylium
    • infernash
    • infernrack bricks, brick stairs, brick slab & brick wall
    • cinderstone
    • depth brimstone
    • flesh
    • brimfruit
    • vulkatite ore, deep inferno quartz ore, depthferrum ore, sanguicite ore, pyrochitum ore
    • block of vulkatite, block of depthferrum, block of pyrochitum
    • depthwood log, depthwood, leaves, planks, stairs, slab, fence, fence gate
  • added creative tabs:
    • Infernal Depths | Building
    • Infernal Depths | Items
    • Infernal Depths | Tools
    • Infernal Depths | Weapons
    • Infernal Depths | Armor
    • Infernal Depths | Decoration
    • Infernal Depths | Entities
    • Infernal Depths | Food
  • added entities:
    • burnstorm
    • pyroculus
    • the ardent oculus (BOSS)
  • added foods:
    • depth hog porkchop (raw & cooked)
    • flesh strip
    • brimfruit slice
  • added items:
    • vulkatite
    • vulkatite and steel
    • sanguicite crystal & crytstal dust,
    • depthferrum nuget
    • pyrochitum ingot, depthferrum ingot
    • pyroculus lens, burnsoul
    • ardent lens
    • ardent energy
  • added plant:
    • burnshroom
  • added several recipes
  • added structures:
    • broken deep inferno portal (3 variants)
    • fossils (3 variants)
    • giant spikes (3 variants)
    • vulcanstone boulders (3 variants)
    • brimfruit spawns (4 variants)
  • added tools:
    • vulkatite tool set (A, P, S, H)
    • depthferrum toolset (A, P, S, H)
    • pyrochitum toolset (A, P, S, H)

A = axe, P = pickaxe, S = shovel, H = hoe

  • added weapons:
    • vulkatite sword
    • depthferrum sword
    • pyrochitum sword

super cool. like a nether update but better because it adds a new dimension instead of adding on to an existing one.

it's a good mod. I like it. and I think over time it can be a very good mod. only a few updates are missing.

this is only the beginning, so i'm thinking of making many cool (or should i say hot) updates eventually, and i'll stick to keeping it a good, balanced mod as well. thanks for sharing your thoughts!