Draganoidix9's Dead-Craft

Submitted by razar8 on Wed, 06/19/2019 - 03:23
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This mod is a work in progress, so please tell me of any bugs or the like. I also want your feedback and suggestions, as I'm on a limb here.

The mod currently adds a few blocks, two biomes, one dimension, two structures, one mob, and some items too. If you need info, don't hesitate to ask me or someone who knows how to work this. Other than that, remember that this is not finished. I only wanted to post this as a teaser for what's really going to be implemented.


Dr. Iavinoff, famed alchemist turned scientist, has put up multiple small labs around the world and in the nether. There have been rumors as to why he has not been seen for a few years but you did not believe one of them until recently, as it was "Just a rumor". Out exploring a mushroom island one day, you find a small house and decide to see if anyone was there. Nobody was, as you suspected, but... you looked inside anyway. You found some really old stuff, plus some alchemy ingredients. Looking further you find a worn research note accompanied with a handful of some vile-smelling powder. What you choose to do next is up to you.

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In development
  • Indev 2.0: Published Mod.
  • Indev 2.1: Fixed various things.
    • Fixed Achievements(?)
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Sounds like a nice mod :)
Please could you add some screenshots though?

Cool mod :)
I think you should change the logo, because (no offense) it's not as good as the mod :(
You could just take a screenshot of all the features and write the title there