EnderCraft Mod

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 EnderCraft Mod: 


  • Chorus stick
  • Ender axe
  • Ender pickaxe
  • Ender shovel
  • A unnecessary Ender hoe
  • Chorus armor
  • Ender crossbow and Ender arrow
  • Ender liquid
  • Ender furnace (beta)
  • Chiseled purpur block
  • Ender metal ore, sword, item and block
  • Powered chorus fruit
  • EnderWorld dimension
  • Chorus sappling
  • Compressed and smooth (smelted) end stones


 The mod also has translation into Spanish languages :D

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

 - 1.0.2

/(·<·)/ <[Hi! This mod now has...]

 -Chorus sappling

 -Smooth (smelt) end stone

 -Compressed end stone

 -Ender amulet (necklace)

 -New system for ender arrow


Do you want to help me with ideas for the mod? Comment your ideas! It's free :v

i saw raolcraft omega and i saw you can teleport with a Ender Wand, do you can help me with that?
i want to teleport me with the chorus armor :!

Thanks! :D
The Ender Wand works very simply: when right-clicked on a block it triggers a procedure that:
checks if the player has mana and if there are 2 air blocks on that block, if yes it teleports the player on that block and consumes mana

Do you have any idea for this mod?
Reply this comment whit your idea :v