EnderCraft Mod

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 EnderCraft Mod: 


  • Chorus stick
  • Ender axe
  • Ender pickaxe
  • Ender shovel
  • A unnecessary Ender hoe
  • Chorus armor
  • Ender crossbow and Ender arrow
  • Ender liquid
  • Ender furnace (beta)
  • Chiseled purpur block
  • Ender metal ore, sword, item and block
  • Powered chorus fruit
  • EnderWorld dimension
  • Chorus sappling
  • Compressed and smooth (smelted) end stones


 The mod also has translation into Spanish languages :D

 Hey, i now don't update my mod but i also don't know why :v

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

 - 1.0.2

/(·<·)/ <[Hi! This mod now has...]

 -Chorus sappling

 -Smooth (smelt) end stone

 -Compressed end stone

 -Ender amulet (necklace)

 -New system for ender arrow


Do you want to help me with ideas for the mod? Comment your ideas! It's free :v

i saw raolcraft omega and i saw you can teleport with a Ender Wand, do you can help me with that?
i want to teleport me with the chorus armor :!

Thanks! :D
The Ender Wand works very simply: when right-clicked on a block it triggers a procedure that:
checks if the player has mana and if there are 2 air blocks on that block, if yes it teleports the player on that block and consumes mana