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EnderCraft by JoallBlue130

 Modifications and features (completed versions only):

  • Chorus stick
  • Ender axe (Endstone battleaxe)
  • Ender pickaxe (Endstone pickaxe)
  • Ender shovel (Endstone shovel)
  • An unnecessary but obligatory Ender hoe (Endstone hoe)
  • Purpur armor
  • Ender crossbow and Ender arrow (Custom crossbow, take it or leave it)
  • Ender liquid (Purple water lol)
  • Ender furnace (only decorative, I will do a food-teleport system later)
  • Chiseled purpur block (With a dragon :D)
  • Ender metal ore, sword, item and block (Ender metal or ender gem, Idk)
  • Powered chorus fruit (Golden apples? Block-stealers don't need them!)
  • EnderWorld dimension (Yeah!)
  • Chorus sapling (Wanna replant chorus fruits? use them as seeds!)
  • Compressed and smooth (melt) end stones (I have to fix the smooth endstone's colors and the compressed stone endstone's shading)

 The mod is translated to spanish. I have problems translating to Russian, and TheLuxureSlime couldn't help me with that. But thank you for the help, Luxure!
 If anyone wants to help translating the mod to their own language, I have no problem with accepting that help

 Upcoming features:

  • Obsidian castles (For shulker farming) ✔
  • Night shadow (a cute dark purple bird)
  • Ender warrior (For castles!)
  • Purpur forests
  • Purpur furniture (doors, planks, etc)
  • Ender metal armor and tools
  • Ender dragon pet
  • Chorus sword (I cannot just force you to use axes)
  • Battle axes (to fit the chorus battle axe)
  • Ender metal battle axe
  • Chorus axe (huh?)
  • Ender fishes (for ender liquid lakes)
  • Reworked textures (1.14 says unmatched textures) …
  • End villages (passive end-cities)
    And more...

    ✔ = Made for publishing
    … = Working on

 MCreator and Forge are updating to newer versions, but I'll try to make both 1.12.2 and 1.15.2 versions for my mods, as there are MCreator extensions that let me update them. 
 I'm not sure when I will update the mod, or when will I be able to work on an idea, or just what will happen here. But if you have an idea, you are able to comment it below, it's free!

 (10/2/2020) I lost the disk where were the next update files. I need to remake it from the last save that is the beta, but to do it as I want it to be I'll need to remake the mod from Scratch. When I finish I'll update this with the modified files and new files. Thanks for waiting.
 (24/6/2021) Alright. I think I'll never update this. Try it if you want, but I'm leaving it until I truly want to update it. I hope you like it, even if it's unfinished and abandoned.

Modification files
EnderCraft Mod b11.28.19 for 1.12.2.jar - This is the first beta version, and will be the last for 1.12.2. Next beta will be for 1.15.2 and newer, I promise.304.09 KB
EnderCraft Mod 1.0.3.jar - EnderCraft Mod 1.0.3 (Decoration Update 1) for 1.12.2277.33 KB


Beta 11/28/19
- Working on the new Sky Shadow! You can find it on the Lost Ender World.

- Lost Ender World Update! Also you can get the Ender Gem, a special item that lets you make a sword and a decorative Ender Metal block.

- New Ender castle, found in the Lost Ender World.

- New "End Skin" effect that allows you to teleport pressing [R], in further beta versions it will have potion crafting, but at moment it stills a creative potion. To get it you will need the Chorus Armor or the Ender Necklace.

- Changing IDs to match/connect them.

- Starting translation into Russian! Credits by TheLuxureSlime. Saw testing this version that this can't be possible, my mcreator/minecraft/computer doesn't support russian characters and transforms them into <?> ;-;

 -Chorus sapling

 -Smooth (smelt) end stone

 -Compressed end stone

 -Ender amulet (necklace)

 -New system for ender arrow


Do you want to help me with ideas for the mod? Comment your ideas! It's free :v

Thanks! :D
The Ender Wand works very simply: when right-clicked on a block it triggers a procedure that:
checks if the player has mana and if there are 2 air blocks on that block, if yes it teleports the player on that block and consumes mana

JoallBlue130 I has got Idea! My Idea - Ender Ore - If be You Break You Gets Ender Ore. Smelts Ender Ore In Furnace (Bonus - Ender Furnace :D). You Gots Ender Ingot. From Ender Ingots you Can Crafts A...Armor, Tools and Block('s)(?)