Wesley's Roguelike Dungeons (Updated)

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Wesley's Roguelike Dungeons 


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_AbZbAD6Nc

Mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/wesleys-roguelike-dungeons

The file was too big to upload here

Info about the mod:

This mod is mainly focused on completely randomly generated dungeons. (every room, every spawner, every chest it's all randomly generated)

(This mod is inspired by the Roguelike Dungeons mod)

The apperance of those dungeons are based on what biome they are in. (types of dungeons: normal, desert , ice, jungle, nether)

In every dungeon spawns a boss, That boss contains something very important.

And there is also a new dimension with a 'infinite' dungeon.

That dungeon is infinite in the X, Z directions in the y direction it only goes down 10 layers.

on the 10th layer awaits something special.

Fun fact: This mod contains more than 500 structures!!!

BTW, You must enter the portal at X0, Z0 otherwise the system in the dimension won't work properly.


The Dungeons

There are 5 types of dungeons. 

All of them are based on what type of biome they are in.

The dungeon has 4 levels, 3 of them are normal but the 4th layer is the biggest one and looks different.

Because they are so big, they are very rare.

To know if one generates when you are exploring you will hear/see 2 lightningbolts.

Screenshots of the themes:


The Normal DungeonThe Desert Dungeon

The Ice DungeonThe Jungle Dungeon

The nether dungeon

































The Infinite Dungeon Dimension

Yes you have read that right.

This mod adds a dungeon which is infinite.

Or at least in the X and Z directions. 

In the Y direction it isn't infinite it goes on for 10 levels.

10 unique levels with unique features, You can only get to the next level if you defeat the boss.

You can find the portal at the cooördinates x0 and z0. 

You will need 8 Skulls to enter the portal which can be found in the dungeons.

To optain a skull you will need to defeat one of these creatures


 The 5 skeletons












To help you make progress this mods adds Dungeon Enchanted Tools.

It re-adds the recipe for the Notch Apple.

And it adds a Diamond Apple which can be crafted with one apple and 9 diamond blocks. (pretty expensive)

If you have no idea how to start here are some steps:

step 1-7











Modification files
Wesley's roguelike dungeons_0.jar - Fixed Version14.43 MB
Wesley's roguelike dungeons.jar - The First Beta Of The Mod14.43 MB


Fixed-Sometimes level 2-4 wouldn't generate

Fixed-Sometimes Spawners wouldn't generate in the overworld dungeons


Decreased the amount of dungeons generating


This is awesome! :D
I don't know what to say, the video just left me speechless XD

Woah, amazing! :D
You should submit for MOTW, this is brilliant!
Looks way better than the original Roguelike Dungeons mod as well :)

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week!

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