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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod adds new dimension, new mobs, new armor, new tools and weapons, new dungeons and more!
It adds a lot of new content and fun to the game!
Each biome in the dimension is different, and has its own unique features!


My Discord, you can suggest things, report bugs etc. here:

List of updates from update 1 to current updates:


My first mod, currently adds only one mob, but will add more in future updates, maybe even a dimension!

You can use this mod (if you want to) or make a review.

First update:

-Just added a new mob!
-Changed one sound from Meetle.

Update 2:

-Added a new mob (now 3)!
-Changed texture of Meet.


Update 3:

-Added a new (alpha) dimension!
-Added a bow.


Update 4:

-Added armor
-Added tools
-Added unique drop, that allows you to make armor and tools!


Update 5:

-Added new plants with animations to dimension!
-Added effects while walking in dimension.
-Removes effects while leaving dimension.
-Added more natural spawns for mobs in dimension.


Update 6:

-Fixed bug that was crashing the game.
-Added new ore, armor, tools.
-Added 2 special weapons.
-Fixed water texture issue.
-Fixed spawning problem.


Update 7:

-Added flying trees to meelains biome.
-Added all wooden blocks from flying trees.


Update 8:


-Added mob to Geesalia biome.


Update 9:

-Fixed Meetle not spawning problem.
-Added new wood and wooden blocks.

Update 10:
-Fixed some bugs.
-Updated flying trees!

Update 11:
-New material.
-New armor.
-New tools.
-New weapon.
-New unique weapon.
-Fixed bugs.
-Added different effects while wearing different armors (unique for each armor set in mod).

Update 12:
-Added basic materials.
-Added basic items.
-Added new temeable, rideable mob with inventory slots.


Update 13:
-Master Wand added
-Textures update


Update 14:
-New boss-like creature added.
-New master wand recipe added.
-Fixed bugs.

It is the end of making this mod for now, i will update it with new things from time to time, but now mod is playable and u have a reason to go to the dimension, its not flat and empty, this was my first mod, and i would want to know what you guys think about this one.


Update 15:
-Nerfed Meetle's (mob) speed


Update 16:
-Added new biome
-Added one new mob


You can check my other mod:


Made with MCreator PwrDwn's video where my mod is showcased


Update 17:
-Added 2 new mobs to Shroomia biome.
-Added a bag, that can hold to 9 stacks of items.
-Added custom modeled plants,
and since now i can do this custom models to plants i will add them to other biomes as well,
in the next updates!


Update 18:
-Added new custom modeled plants to all biomes

Update 19:
-Updated all ground textures
-Fixed generation of biomes
-Fixed mobs spawning
-Added new plants
-Added new passive mobs
-Added new water mobs
-Added new underwater plants
-Added new mechanics to some mobs (like Vel killing Pygworm)


Update 20:

-Added new crop-like plant

-Added new tamable mob

-Added new aggressive mobs fireflies

-changed textures of ground blocks again (probably last time because i like them now much more)


Update 21:

-Added new variants of stone blocks, cobblestones!
Now when you mine stone from the dimension you wont get Dusty, you will get cobbled version of stone you mined, Dusty can be obtained by smelting this cobbled blocks.


Update 22:

-Added new inventory pet, Slimey! He will give you jump boost, and speed if you will hold him in your hand!


Update 23:
-Added new spider-like creature, Meeder!


Update 24:

-Bug fixes


Update 25:
-Meeder's model, texture and mechanics updated!


Update 26:

-New material and ore, Meenium!

-New tools and armor from meenium, as well as new unique throwing weapon meenium dagger!

-New tools from cobbled version of stones (meetone, geetone, velvetone)!


update 27:
-Shroomia biome can now spawn underground!
-Meelains biome has flying islands now!
-Velvetfield biome has house-like structures for Vels!
-New underground dungeons, like vanilla ones but with more diversity, big dungeons coming soon!


update 28:
-New plants for Geeselia biome!
-New big dungeon, Curvy tower!
-New exclusive for the dungeons mobs!
-New mini-boss, The Maw! with plenty of attacks, including chomping you, spawning Guardians Meepels, dealing damage by explosion that dont break blocks, and more!


Modification files
meetle-4.5.jar - For full description visit my curseforge: MB

For full description visit my curseforge:

Looks rather cool, but I'd suggest adding some more images to show people more of the mod :)