The Playtime Mod

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 Do you think Minecraft is too serious? Do you want more colorful, silly block to build with?

If you said yes to those questions then the Playtime mod is definitely for you! Explore the four vivid and silly dimensions this mod has to offer! Like the Speng Planet, a paradise for those who need to tone down their seriousness one in a while! Or the Otherworldly Spengworld where danger is a very normal thing, plus you can experience a trip like no other!

 -25+ Mobs

 -250+ Blocks

 -20+ Items

 -4 Dimensions

It's Playtime!                                                     

Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files - NOTE: This isn't the download for the mod. Check the mod description.2.88 KB


 -Public Release


 -Fixed Portal textures.

1.9.0 Anniversary Update!

 +Three new biomes for the Glitch Dimension!

 +Eleven New Mobs!

 +More Structures for all dimensions!

 +Added Achievements!

 ~Loads upon loads of small changes like: 

   ~Making stuff more useful

   ~New Blocks and Items

   ~More mob loot!

Cool mod :)
No offense, but while there are many good textures on the mod, some of them are a bit weird... Could you change them? I mean textures like the ones of the portals, which don't really work well together or fit in Minecraft.

Great mod :)
I have to agree with Raol though, some of the textures are a little weird.