Published by DeCristi on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 13:34
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Hi there!

I'm Decristi, a small content creator that looks for people's fun, if you see this, you want to download my mod, thanks for doing it!


NOTICE: I am not a professional creator and this is my first mod, thanks for understanding.


The mod includes: - New armor - New weapons - New tools - New dimension - New mobs


If you like it a lot, I will surely take it out in other versions in other versions


Thank you! ^^

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
WorkCraft 1.0.0.jar - This mod contains: Weapons, armor, tools and a dimension.163.9 KB
WorkCraft 1.0.1.jar - Bugs fixed162.29 KB
WorkCraft 1.0.2.jar - -Have been added: -Magma Apple - Apple plutonite -Radioactive coal -Alien ... - They have nerfed: -Magma sword -Plutonite swo183.47 KB
WorkCraft 1.0.3.jar - Bugs fixed184.65 KB

I really like the textures, especially the armor!
I think that it's a bit unbalanced e.g. the magma ore is too common as for an OP item in the new dimension, (I don't actually know how to get the portal frame...) if it's mid-end game or end game that's ok. Also, it would be nice to see some weapon-tools filling between the new ores. Atm it goes something like this: Diamond sword- 7 damage points, Green (forgot the name lol)- 12.5, Magma- 16. Too big jumps, in Vanilla it's like 4, 5, 6, 7. Just my opinion, I hope you will continue working on mods and improve them. :) Have a nice day random guy!