Eye Collector's Mod

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Do you want to start an eye collection of your very own? Of course you do. A mod filled with surprising and spooky eyes Is just what you need!

This mod features:

-7 Ores

-33 Mobs

-Loads of blocks and items

-And a dimension!

Now tell me, can you collect the Eyes?

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
  • 1.2.6

-Public Release.


  • 1.2.7

+Added White Eye Chunk Planks and Pupil Chunk Planks!

+Made crafting recipes to make use of Eyewood

+Added Cookie Eye Spiders: Passive mobs that you can use to farm cookie eyes

+Added a rare [and deadly] rare drop for the Cookie Eye Spider.

~Removed spawning of Boomeyes as they are a WIP

- Removed Player248


  • 1.3.0

+2 New Biomes for the Eye Dimension!

     +The Eye Forest with new trees and a new rare eye mob!

     +The Dark Eye Biome where Eye Terrors lurk around every corner!

- Removed Player248


  • 1.3.1

+ Added Mutant Flesh Blocks and Ingots! [currently do nothing...]

+ Added a new mob: Rotting Eye! A passive mob that spawns only in the dark eye biome! However it has lost the ability to breed...

~ Changed the Eye Monster's Texture and added custom sounds for it, to make it seem more fitting!

~ Changed the Gold Eye Mob's Texture to look more like gold!

- Removed Player248


  • 1.3.4

+Added More structures!

   +A wierd, little trap temple!

   +Underground veins of eyes and new eyestone!

   +A rare Eye dungeon with loot and Eye terrors!

   +A... art monument? with weird art and a interesting statue!

~Nerfed the rarity for the Gold Eye Mob and Rotting eye.

- Removed Player248


  • 1.3.6

 +2 New Eye Mobs!

   +The passive, yet freaky, Eye Abomination that drops new eye meat and loads of XP! Also it only spawns in the dark eye biome!

   +The passive Eye Conglomeration that drops new conglomeration piles! It only spawns in a new conglomeration house!

 ~Gave the art blocks custom models that allow you to hang them in Item Frames like Paintings!

 - Removed Player248


  • 1.4.0

 +2 new structures!

  +A collapsed building with loads of trash and new Eye Art!

  +A weird Sponge Eye Castle with lots of loot and... 

    + A new Eye Mob, Eye cubes with mesmerizing sounding cries... bit creepy.

 +A (expensive) block that processes trash into helpful loot.

 +2 secret eye ores... (Hint: you make them with preexisting ores...)

 +A Eye Animatronic which you can trade Iron Nuggets for Grilled Eyes!

 +Made beautiful new sounds for many Eye Mobs!


  • 1.5.0 We Can See You update

 +4 New and difficult mini bosses with great loot and interesting mechanics! [except for one that is passive]

   +Kashulkin is powerful yet slow, defeat it and its babies!

   +The Eye Tarantula is quick, and deadly, use your wits to kill it!

   +Satatrixx, a atrocious fiend, uses the power of lightning to become an almost unstoppable force!

    +Collossus, a gigantic passive boss with a thousand health!

 +4 New Biomes!

   +Eye Desert, a place where Eye Cacteye and Dry Eye flourish.

     +Dry Eye Sand which can be made into Various types of sandstone

     +Cacteye can be melted to be made into ink or blocks!

      +Eye polish made from eye tears and melted cacteye.

   +Blue Eye Biome, a place where very weird eye roam. Has giant blue eyes too!

    +Freaky Blue Eyes are creatures with a interesting way of communication!

   +Stalk Eye Biome is a better looking eye biome with rare eye mobs hanging around!

    +Invisible Eye Mobs that sneak up on you to attack! Also they screech like monkeys.

  +Braindead Biome with the oddly cute braindead eyes! With giant grey eyes!

   +3 new mobs for this biome:

     +Small Braindead eye mobs, cute little rascals!

     +Large Braindead eye mobs that hide well with the giant eyes! 

     +Lucky Braindead eye that drops quite a bit of gold!

  +3 new structures!

   +Eye Maniac's house! He loves his oddly-named eye pets!

   +Eye Freak's house, he seems a bit crazy over eye collecting...

   +The Christmas house, a family ready for Christmas... to wake to an unpleasant surprise...

  +Custom sound for Conglomeration Eyes!

  +An Eye Fungus plant that spreads through the air until it dies!

  -Redesigned the Eye Villager house, and art castle structures.

   -Improved the loot on the Trash castle, and trash house.

  -Redesigned cookie eye spiders to be dangerous!

  -Improvements to looting mobs.

  -Remade the eye terror's model and texture to be much better, and fixed it's bugged death sound

  -Fixed Tear bottle crafting

  • 1.6.0 Thanksgiving Update

  +The Bloodshot Eye Biome that has a gory tone to it.

  +5 new mobs!

   +Magic Eye that flys and teleports around and... sounds oddly fimilar...

   +The Eye Beast, a sheep-like eye monster that drops wool!

   +Jaw Eye that is horrible and terrifying. Can be found only in the Bloodshot Eye Biome.

   +The Ikkquid which is a weird squid-like pile of bloodshot eyes.

   +Mau'lukshin a very rare eye mob that constantly teleports! Can be found only in the Bloodshot Eye Biome.

  +The Thanksgiving House with a eye-hungry family of eye humanoids!

  +More blocks and items.

  ~Fixed a lazyness-induced bug where you couldn't craft the Flint and Eye used to get to the dimension!

  ~Trash Eye Mobs are now hostile, so watch out!

  ~Redesigned the trash eye cane to be a very useful tool for clearing out trash!

  ~Nerfed Satatrixx.


  +The Hollow Eye Mob that drops interesting food items and has echoing sounds!

  +Costum sounds for Mauu'lukshin

  ~Bug and Behavior fixes


 ~Buffed Keshulkin by changing the way the eggsack works.

  +2 new mobs that come out of the Eggsack!

   +Keshulklings that are very cute yet still hostile

   +Fleshy eyes that sit in one spot waiting for Keshulkin to eat it...

 ~Fixed buggy and laggy Satatrixx.

Submitted by Mr. Cubist on Tue, 11/19/2019 - 22:54

“You feel an evil presence watching you”