The Dark Sun Dimension

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Thank you viewing my mod!

Minecraft Version Compatible - 1.15.2

Download at Curse Forge here! 

Every Feature in the Dark Sun Mod 

Every Recipe in the Dark Sun Mod

The Dark Sun mod is a mod that adds a whole new dimension into Minecraft. Biomes, Mobs, and many structures are in this 291 elements mod. 


Ruined Portals

This is the only way currently to get to the Dark Sun Contains a chest with the igniter and the blocks needed to complete the portal.


New Biomes

The Dark Sun contains five new biomes All with there own mobs and ecosystem.


New Structures

The Dark Sun contains a handful of new strucutres Each with their own diversity.

New Weapons, tools, and armor

This mod contains 2 new weapons tiers. one is better than diamond. and 2 new armor tiers. one is also better than diamond. It also adds a few new random tools and weapons.

New Mobs

The Dark Sun contains a lot of new mobs including a whole new spieces
and evil casters that plan to posses all of them.

Many new plants and blocks

The Dark Sun has a lot of new plants and blocks to make the dimension look good and your builds!


Enjoy the mod! New content updates will be as soon as 2020.4 comes out for MCreator.

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Modification files
darksundimension1.0.1.jar - The fourth release for the Dark Sun Dimension. Currently available for 1.15.2. 1.86 MB
darksundimension1.0.0.2.jar - The third release for the Dark Sun Dimension. Currently available for 1.15.2. 1.56 MB
darksundimension1.0.0.1.jar - The second release for the Dark Sun Dimension. Currently available for 1.15.2. 1.54 MB
darksundimension1.0.jar - The first release for the Dark Sun Dimension. Currently available for 1.15.2. 1.53 MB

1.0.1 Content Update
Released on July 1st 2020
Fourth Release 
Main New Features -
New Sunwood Tree Structures, to replace the old MCreator custom trees
Escuro Devil, a new mob that spawns in the Sunwood Forest, and should not be messed with
Withering Sun Beast, a new mob which has no head or eyes, and inflicts the wither debuff.
Infested Solarstone, which when broken spawns 1 - 3 Sole's. 

Other New Features -
Dark Caster Medallion which summons an Ancient Dark Caster
Possesed Pills which removes all potion effects and gives regenration
Raw and Cooked Escuro Meat
Eclipsling renamed to Crawling Darkness

New Reworks -
Reworked the Possesed Dark Sapien due to the game crashing
Reworked the Dark Caster Houses

New Rebalancing -
Rebalanced the amount of experince the mobs drop
Removed Rotten Flesh from dunsilt extractor loot table and experince
Nerfed the amount of damage of the Thorn Snapper, Now does 0 damage in peaceful mode and the damage gets ramped up each difficulty setting

New Fixes -
Fixed the durabillity of Sunstone Armor, Eclipse Charm, Fabled Armor, and Sunsparked Boots
Fixed the game crashing when you hit the possesed dark sapien 
Released on June 30th 2020
Second Release 
New Features -

Fixed Dark Plains spawning in the overworld.
1.0.1 which will be a new content update was in the works at this time, so the features in this update will be hidden. 
Released on June 29th 2020
Second Release 
New Features -

Sunwood Items now used as fuel.