Published by Wrastood on Tue, 10/05/2021 - 18:15
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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Academic Free License v3.0
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PlantCraft is a mod that adds a lot of plants, include adding plants to Nether and the End. It adds plants like weed, nettle, plantain and other. It also adds new blocks like palestone and scalestone. There are plants from usual grass to warped glowroots. There is also a new biome: maple forest. There is a specific Autumn colour of leaves and grass. There is also end canyon, void fountain, crimson bowlroot and other. But not speak so much! Just download and enjoy!


Modification files
plantcraft_forge_1.16.5.jar - PlantCraftDownloadFile - 1.0.0677.52 KB
plantcraft_forge_1.1.0_1.16.5.jar - PlantCraft - 1.1.0746.36 KB
plantcraft_forge_1.1.1_1.16.5.jar - PlantCraft - 1.1.1763.05 KB
plant_craft_1.2.0_1.16.5_forge_0.jar - PlantCraft - 1.2.0838.13 KB

PlantCraft 1.1.0 Available Now!

- added new Weapon: Cattail Spear: 2.5 damage and fast cooldown

- added new Biome: Overgrown Mountain

- added new Blocks: Mountain Grass, Mountain Dirt, Mountain Leaves

- added new Structures: Mountain Fortpost and Big Mountain Fortpost

- added new Recipes: from Grass you can craft Moss now

- other changes: changed texture of Cattail

PlantCraft 1.1.1 Available Now!

- added new Structure: Pillager Base

PlantCraft 1.2.0 Available Now!

-added new Blocks: Rope, Plant Bale, Lightly Corrupted Endstone, Semi-Corrupted Endstone, Highly Corrupted Endstone, Corrupted Endstone, Void Conection

-added new Structures: Pillager Tower, Corrupted Islands

-other changes: changed texture of Cattail and Cattail (item)



If you have any idea what to change please reply me in the discussion!