Lots O' Biomes

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Lots O' Biomes Mod

This mod adds a bunch of biomes to the world of minecraft!

(Don't worry, this mod will be updated on a regular basis.)

The mod adds:-

1) Cherry Forest

2) Magical Biome

3) Soul Forest

4) Mystical Forest

5) Gold Infused Jungle

6) Alpine Biome



Added the Cherry, Magical and Soul forests


Added the Mystical, Alpine and Gold Infused Biomes

NOTICE:- I have discontinued this mod because i think it is a bit bad in quality....BUT, if you guys want it back type it in the way ores mod comments in the link below

Also, check out my other mod:-https://mcreator.net/modification/44870/way-more-ores-mod

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In development
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By the way guys, tell me what other biomes to add :DD