Bread Dimension

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Bread Dimension

This Game is about a bread dimension filled with different types of blocks/tools/armor/biomes/foods and much more!

Update 3! :New blocks better tools plus a new boss!       300+ MOD ELEMENTS!!!


something is... in the bread air... wonder what it could be...


Here is the link for the mod showcase! with all the recipes






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In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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BreadDimension4.jar - Update OnCe AGaIn1010.57 KB

Wow Coller Mod. Can you develop the mod also for version 1.7.10 for a certain fee?
Maybe you are the one who can help me. They would really make a 20-year-old happy if they could

yor first mod has 300 mod element my first mod got only 90 btw very good mod nonono very