The End Ecosystem

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Project Canceled.


Hello, and welcome to the mod "The End Ecosystem"!

This mod aims to revamp Minecraft's End dimension with new biomes, "survivability" and mobs, while still trying to keep as much of the "vanilla" feel of Minecraft as possible.


Inspired by the 1.16 Nether Update (and a few ideas that will be revealed down the line in development), a few biomes are added to the End (and the existing ones reworked), each with its own functionality. By adding new materials and repurposing some of the existing ones, it is intended to be possilbe to spawn, survive, traverse and reach the Ender Dragon exclusively in the End dimension. Multiple blocks that were added allow progression in the dimension, including a wood variant inspired by Crimson and Warped wood: Elision (with a yellowish-green hue), an ore sectile and resistant enough to be used just like wood (although non flammable).

A new stone variant is also added, to provide the player with Cobblestone based objects: Purpur Cobble. Crafted from the new material Purpurstone (similar in properties to limestone), it allows the player to get Furnaces and stone tools, much like Blackstone. Purpurstone materials can be used to craft Purpur Blocks, and to avoid players just ignoring Chorus Plants for building materials, the process of turning Purpurstone Cobble into Purpur Blocks is unpractical, and Chorus Fruits can also be used to craft paper.

New Purpurstone blocks with Vanilla Purpur and Shulker Boxes
New Purpurstone blocks with Vanilla Purpur and Shulker Boxes!


A biome full of brown plants, the Endrud Hills can provide the player with Endrud Fibers, which can be turned into soot, a fuel material. When placed on top of End Stone, it will turn into Endisol. This block can be turned into farmland, allowing for crop growth in the End. Thanks to Kaliend Crystals that generate in the biome, you can craft Gunpowder (although dangerously, these crystals can explode!). Combined with the paper from Chorus Plants, the player is able to craft Firework Rockets in the End!

Endrud Fibers can be combined with Dirt to create Adobe bricks, with cardboard-like textures.

Adobe brick variants.


The aforementioned Elision material generates in veins in Roxene Complexes. Roxene is a weird, pseudo organic rock that can be smelt into Iron Nuggets, being the only natural source of Iron in the dimension. This biome also generates some water, thus Endermen avoid it. This place isn't really safe for the player, however...

Finally, a new light source block was added: Selenite. A glowing white crystal, that generates in fungal mountains (End Terraces) in the dimension. It serves as an alternative way to get End Rods, Bone Meal and craft the new Drywall block.

Existing End Biomes are planned to be reworked into new landscapes and functionality, such as the Chorus Forest, which is planned to be a densely populated biome with truffles and Threadbug hives, providing the player with string. The void is now also home to a large, whale-like mob that can transport the player through the void.


The biomes, as planned, include:

The End Barrens;

The Void Islets;

End Barrens ans Void Islets example.
The End Barrens and Void Islets wouldn't be much different from the current End biomes (aside from Chorus density).


The Chorus Forest;

Chorus Forest concept doodle


The Endrud Hills;

Scorched Hills concept doodle


The Obsidian Wastelands;

Obsidian Wastelands concept doodle


The End Terraces;

End Terraces concept doodle


The Roxene Complexes.

Roxene Complexes concept doodle



More details can be found in my documentation:…

If you found an issue, please send it to my GitHub! (I don't really know how to use GitHub, so the page isn't great, sorry)

I'll add more images to this post as soon as possible, so it can be easier to understand what this mod is about without playing it.


In its current state, the mod is in very early development, without its planned biomes and structures yet; many textures aren't final. Feedback is greatly appreciated!




Modification files
The End Ecosystem (1.15.2) - Pre-Alpha 1.6.0.jar - Soon Unavailable!Uploaded on: 06/26/2020 - 02:03   File size: 4.51 MB
The End Ecosystem (1.15.2) - Pre-Alpha 1.7.0.jarUploaded on: 07/01/2020 - 21:32   File size: 4.59 MB
The End Ecosystem (1.15.2) - Pre-Alpha 1.8.0.jarUploaded on: 08/06/2020 - 18:19   File size: 4.67 MB
The End Ecosystem (1.15.2) - Pre-Alpha 1.9.0.jarUploaded on: 08/06/2020 - 18:20   File size: 4.55 MB

Version Pre-Alpha 1.0.0 (6/10/20)

  • First public release. Includes multiple blocks, a few items and crafting recipes. Two mobs with no proper functionality are in the mod.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.1.0 (6/11/20)

  • Added End Stone Pileus and (partially) Wild Shulker.
  • Changed textures for Truffled End Stone and End Stone Truffle, changing its purple bits to light blue to distance it from chorus materials.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.2.0 (6/13/20)

  • Renamed "Pileus" to "Pillus". If you built something with it, be careful, the block will disappear.
  • Updated End Stone Pillus texture.
  • Added multiple Endrud plants, still without function.
  • Updated sounds for existing Endrud plants.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.2.4 (6/14/20)

  • Added (non-functional) Obsidian Crawler.
  • Renamed some asset files.
  • Added a name for the "name pending" biome.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.3.0 (6/14/20)

  • Added Endrud Fiber, dropped from Endrud Leaves, Stalks and Grass. It currently has no use.
  • Added Endrud Stalks.
  • Renamed "Endrud Cone" to "Endrud Spuria".
  • Added Chorus Strobile.
  • Added Chorus Corolla.

This version was made mostly in a hurry, so the new textures aren't really good (specially Chorus Strobile). I apologize.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.3.2 (6/15/20)

  • Added Lazuline Purpurstone.
  • Remade Chorus Strobile texture. It is still not great, but I hope it's better than before.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.4.0 (6/16/20)

  • Added Endrud Bale.
  • Corrected Chorus Strobile to Chorus Strobilus.
  • Remade Chorus Strobilus texture.
  • Remade End Stone Truffle texture.
  • Tweaked Kaliend and Cracked Kaliend Crystal blocks and their respective shards' textures.
  • Tweaked Purpustone Sand texture.
  • Updated Purpur Cobble texture.
  • Updated Chorus Corolla texture.
  • Updated End Stone Pillus texture.
  • Updated "Ender Whale" model. Its lateral fins are now angled and its caudal fin is now larger and double sided.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.4.5 (6/16/20)

  • Added Obsidian Crawler Claw. The texture is not final. It serves to break Obsidian blocks (with drops) slightly faster than a Diamond Pickaxe, but with much fewer uses. It can only break Obsidian, also.
  • Added Threadbug (non-functional).

Version Pre-Alpha 1.5.0 (6/19/20)

  • ATTENTION: Modified mod namespace from "tecosystem" to "theendecosystem". Be careful! Anything from this mod from any world will be removed!
  • Added Smooth Endrud Adobe (and slab), Endrud Adobe Tiles (and slab), Endrud Adobe Pillar and Cracked Endrud Adobe. The smooth variation is crafted by surrouding a Dirt Block with Endrud Fibers on the cardinal directions.
  • Removed Wild Shulker. It wasn't original enough; it will be replaced by another mob with similar functions.
  • Soot is now a more worthwhile source of fuel (its block is comparable to coal in smelting time).
  • Soot Blocks are now crafted with 8 Soot items instead of 4.
  • Soot Layers were (hopefully) fixed.
  • Campfires can now also be crafted with a Soot Block.
  • Pillus Blocks negate lingering effects above them.
  • Added Pillus Shorts. Crafted with Pillus and Lapis Lazuli, it currently has no worthwhile uses.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.5.2 (6/19/20)

  • Added smelting recipe for Endrud Bale (1 bale to 1 Soot Block)
  • Partially added Redstone Reducer. Very similar to a Redstone Repeater, currently you can only set the locations of its torches and turn it on or off (from any direction). It is intended to work as a "resistor" for Redstone energy.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.5.5 (6/21/20)

  • Removed Redstone Reducer (its functionality could be made with a comparator).
  • Replaced End Telerod with Ender Teleporter (name pending). It has the same functionality, and requires an Ender Pearl to be used. It's still griefy; this block version will be in the final mod. Its texture, crafting recipe, visual effects, etc. aren't final.
  • Chorus Blooms will grow into Chorus Flowers, given time. They won't grow if there's a block above them, or if they are potted.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.6.0 (6/25/20)

  • Added Blockade and Void Snapper. As with other mobs, they don't have intended functionality, and textures aren't final.
  • Endrud Spurias will now "spread" Endrud Grass around them.
  • Endurd Stalks are now craftable.
  • Thorus Chunks can now be "planted" on water blocks above Roxene blocks. With time or Bone Meal, they may grow into 3-5 block tall columns.
  • Thorus Chunks can be duplicated when crafted with a single Bone Meal.
  • Endisol Farmlands can now be hydrated. They can't be trampled or dried yet, however.
  • Chorus Logs and Corollas should have limitations in building. All possible structures haven't been tested, however.
  • Wall Thorus Signs should now drop when their support block is destroyed.
  • Removed Thorus Boat (Thorus wood is meant to be a triad with Nether wood, and they don't have boats).
  • Ender Teleporters have an open model when activated. They will have a single, animated Java model, eventually.
  • Remade Endrud Leaves texture.
  • Changed Obsidian Crawler texture to have a single eye.
  • Threadbugs now have a silk "mane" to distinguish them a bit more from scorpions.

       -  Scorched Hills won't have as much soot as original concepts; they may be renamed soon.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.7.0 (7/1/20)

  • Added End Stone Stipe.
  • Added Flank Steak and Roasted Flank Steak (will be dropped from Void Snappers and maybe Mitehoppers). They have no real texture, yet.
  • Added alternate crafting recipe for Smooth Purpur, made with Purpurstone in a 2x2 grid.
  • Thorus Chunks may now be planted on Roxene and Thorus Ore, and may grow into columns in the same fashion as saplings.
  • Endrud Leaves should now have black pixels in place of transparent pixels on Fast graphics.
  • Renamed Threadbug Hive Wall to Threadbug Silk.
  • Updated all entity models through Tabula, mainly fixing pivot points.
  • Altered Mitehopper's model to have a "flying" pose.
  • Altered Blockade's model to have its legs disposed diagonally.
  • Altered Obsidian Crawler's texture to have Obsidian colored claws (altered the related item's texture, too).
  • Altered Pillus Short's texture.
  • Altered Selenite Column and Speleothem's texture.
  • Remade Drywall's texture. Still not final.
  • Altered Roxene's texture.
  • Altered Thorus Ore's texture.
  • Updated Endrud Fiber's texture.
  • Remade Endrud Bulbs' texture.
  • Remade Soot Block's texture.
  • Remade Endisol Farmland's textures.
  • Updated Endisol and Soot's textures.
  • Remade Purpurstone Sand's texture.
  • Remade Threadbug Silk's texture.
  • Remade Thorus Chunk's texture.
  • Remade Thorus Door's texture.
  • Updated Thorus Trapdoor's texture.
  • Remade Kaliend Crystal and its respective shard's texture.
  • Remade Cracked Kaliend Crystal and its respective shard's texture.

       This update was meant to include more content, but I haven't posted a new version in a while; so I packed up these and released it.

Version Pre-Alpha 1.8.0 (7/14/20)

  • Renamed "Thorus" to "Elision".
  • Elision Fence Gates should now work like regular Fence Gates.
  • Removed Obsidian Crawler Claw.
  • Added Obsidian Shard.
  • Added Obsidian tools, an upgrade to stone tools that increases their damage and harvest level, but retain the same durability and efficiency. They will be crafted on the Smithing Table, for now, they'll be crafted by adding a stone tool and a Obsidian Shard on a crafting grid. They don't retain durability and enchantments, for now.
  • Arrows can also be crafted with Obsidian Shards.
  • Added "Kaliend Crystal" and "Obsidian Ring" structures, not yet implemented.
  • Added Endrud Litter, a grass-like block.
  • Added Clean Endrud Grass, a variation that grows on top of Endrud Litter.
  • Re-added Redstone Reducer. Its functionality has already been planned, but nothing has been implemented yet.
  • "Disabled" Purpurstone Sand; it might get removed.
  • Purpurstone will now drop Purpur Cobble.
  • Slightly altered Purpurstone's top texture.
  • Mirrored Chiseled Purpur's spiral to match more the texture at the bottom of Shulker Boxes.
  • Remade texture for Smooth Purpur.
  • Made textures for Flank and Roasted Flank Steak.
  • Made End Stone Pillus' top texture more neutral, as it wasn't looking good when mass tiled. It is not final.
  • Blockades may now be sheared for feathers. This feature is not fully functional, yet.
  • Heavily altered Blockade's head texture. It is still not final.
  • Chorus Corollas have entirely new textures; its side, top and bottom textures are different (Chorus Corolla's bottom texture has not been worked on, yet).
  • Fixed Selenite Speleothem's rotation.
  • Purpurstone, Lazuline Purpurstone and End Stone Pillus now have random texture rotations (top side).

Version Pre-Alpha 1.9.0 (8/6/20) (final version)

  • The project is canceled.
  • Elision and Smooth Purpur buttons work.
  • Elision and Smooth Purpur Pressure Plates work.
  • Elision Doors should now work normally.
  • Endrud Spuria, Sticks and Chorus Strobile are now a single block each.
  • Endrud Sticks now damage entities that walk through it.
  • Endisol Farmland should now work as farmland, except it can't get moisturized nor trampled. Those are issues that were ultimately decided to be features.
  • Renamed Drywall to Selenite Board (in reference to Gypsum Boards).
  • Remade Selenite Board's textures.
  • Selenite Board now has 16 color variations.
  • Selenite Board's crafting recipe now outputs 6 instead of 1.
  • Updated multiple block tags.
  • Made Selenite Column and Speleothem's textures brighter.
  • Selenite Columns should now have correct rotation.
  • Remade textures for Elision Column (and Polished Elision Column).

Your mod is great, I'd recommend you use 16x16 textures to look more like Vanilla Minecraft.

Nice! The whale looks funny XD How have u made a boat? Is it a rideable entity?

Hey I'm also interested whether you made the door in one element. I've done buttons, pressure plates and fence gates but I can't seem to do that one.

what is that creature in the background? An ender whale?