Star Mod

Published by DunDin on Wed, 10/27/2021 - 20:59
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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The star mod is my first mod, so please give me constructive criticism, I'll gladly take it if even if it isn't constructive. This is also a WIP mod.

Also, in-game the mod is called test mod, because i wasn't planning to release this but ended up doing it anyways.


This mod adds:


The Star Forest Biome, A rare biome that contains Bilberry, a new food type.

Lemon Balm, a random food addition that can be turned into tea.

Star Steel, An ore used to create powerful new tools. (currently there is only an pickaxe and a sword, sorry!)d

Star Gem Tools, Even more powerful tools that as of writing this, can only be accessed in Creative.

Bilberry which also can be turned into tea, but it isn't required to be used that way. (I also plan for there to be more of a use for Bilberrys.)

And a Star dimension! (the star dimensions portal can only be made in creative and is very laggy.)


Thats all right now, but do expect more to come!

Modification files
starmod.jar - the star mod157.23 KB