Jambro's World Gen Mod

Published by Jambro on Sun, 08/16/2020 - 23:09
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Welcome to the World Gen Mod!

It adds sixteen biomes (so far), five new random stones, a new dimension that only features the modded biomes, a new mob, and a new fluid, Oil.

New Biomes + New Dimension:

Dirty Plains - It's like the plains, but instead of Grass, you'll find lots of Podzol.

Fertile Desert - It's like a desert, but with more grass and trees. You'll find lots of donkeys here.

Arctic and Antarctic - Cold. Lots of polar bears in both.

Fungal Forest - Imagine a Mushroom Biome with more Mushroom.

Crimson Plains - Very very red. A new wood type lives here.

Obsidian Shards - A very rare biome that is filled with lava and Obsidian. Could be laggy, so stay away if your computer is weak.

Desert Mountains - Mountains in the desert, what more can I say?

Limestone Valley - A big valley filled with Limestone.

Flatlands - A very flat, grassy area. Great for building!

Deep Forest - Filled with lots of foliage. Hard to get through.

Mineral Mountain - A mountain filled with Shale and Gabbro.

Mega Mountain - A huge mountain. Goes up to the build limit.

The Pit - Dangerous.

Melted Antarctic - 99% Water and Fish.

Dirty Stone Mountains - It's like a mountain, but dirtier and shorter.

Extreme Dimension - A dimension with only the modded biomes in it. Good for looking at the mod!


New Blocks:

Chalk (Block) - Nice to look at. Mine it to get Chalk (Item)!

Chalk (Item) - Can be used to make Whitestone.

Mahogany Logs, Wood and Planks - A new, very red wood. Found in the Crimson Plains.

Gabbro - A hard rock that's found deep underground.

Tin Ore - Used to make Tin Foil (no uses yet,) and Tin tools.

Whitestone - Purely aesthetic. Can be polished and turned into bricks.

Shale - Made of lots of flat planes of rock. Useless for now.

Limestone - Strangely, more yellow than lime. Found mostly in the Limestone Valley

Oil Holder - Holds Oil. (Probably?)

Dirty Stone and Cobblestone - Stone and Cobblestone but dirty. Found in the Dirty Plains.

Slush - Slushy.


New Mob:

Pest - Silverfish but worse. Looks like Gabbro.


New Fluid:

Oil - Can be used as fuel.

Modification files
WorldGenMod Alpha 1.0.3.jar - Early version!313.25 KB

Alpha 1.0.4 Changelog

+ Added Stone Chipper that turns Dirty Stone and Cobblestone into their clean variants.

+ Added Whitestone Brick Slabs, Stairs and Walls.

+ Added three new biomes, The Pit, Melted Antarctic, and the Dirty Stone Mountain

+ Added Slush block.