Glitching into dimensions mod (Volcanic update)

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In development
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The goal of this mod to make dimension that player can live in instead of overworld. To get Item glitched thru dimensions (purple / pink ball) you will have to find glitched blocks in overworld and rightclick them. Glitched block will change into ore glitched thru dimensions. then smelt it and you have item glitched thru dimensions. + glitched block is very rare


-New volcanic lands

-New boss : Volcanic king

-New gun : Fused heat canon

-New mobs : magmatic platecus , heat minion , fused ghost

-New smoke block.

-New GID knowledge book (Has in important crafting recipes , info about mobs + more to be added)

-New plants : Night flowet , Wiwoncane

Modification files
GlintchingIntoDimensions-1.0.1.jar - First version . might be buggy / glitchy333.34 KB
GlitchingIntoDimensions-1.0.2.jar - GIT-1.0.2 (Sky update)748.77 KB
GlitchingIntoDimensions-1.0.3.jar - GIT-1.0.3 (Volcanic update)1.39 MB

Nice mod :)
Please could you improve the mod description a little though? (go through all or most of the main features, etc.)