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This mod includes many new plants and a new dimension.

New plants:

-Aloe: spawns in deserts and is used to make bandages.

-Nether Algi: spawns around the Nether on Soul Sand. It will burn you unless you have some Obsidian Shears. Can be used as fuel.

-Garlic: spawns basically everywhere. Its only use is as a spice.

-Ginger: spawns near rivers. Also only used as a spice.

-Thyme: spawns in mountains. Used to make regenerative perfumes.

-Radiant Flower: exclusive to the new dimension, this flower is used for decorations and dyes.

-Dark Blossom: a shrub from the new dimension whose berries will give you strength at the cost of visibility. Make into stew to eliminate this blindness effect.

-Saffron: another spice. Found in beaches and islands.

-Nettle: its needles are quite useful for making dyes, spices, and even spectral arrows.

-Endgrass: exclusive to the End Islands. Use Obsidian Shears to collect its pearl, otherwise it blows up.

-Glowshroom: a mostly useless fungus that has a slight glow to it.

-Electric Beanstalk: used to make redstone. Don't touch it.

-Magic Vine: a vine that grows on the ground. Only used for Grassberries. Gives you Wither 5 if you touch it. From 1.1.2 onward, it can be used to make a new armor set.

-Ice Flower: only grows in snowy biomes. Used for dyes and making ice blocks for your ice armor.

-Bowdrill (1.1.1+): this rare plant has a bow that it uses to shoot deadly arrows if you approach it. Its berries are used to make wool.

New armor:

-Nether Algi set: very useful effects and very resistant.

-Ice set: very fragile, but gives cool effects.

-Cave Vine set: medium resistance but no effects.

-Magic Iron set (1.1.2+): rather than making the armor from the dust, you cover a set of iron armor with it. Very resistant and gives very good effects.

New food:

-Soup: very good food, but also quite expensive.

-Chocolate: made from cocoa beans. Gives you speed.

-Darkberry: gives you strength and blindness.

-Dark Stew: gives you strength and night vision instead of blindess.

-Grassberry: teleports you to the new dimension.

-Endberry: teleports you to the End.

-Hellberry: teleports you to the Nether.

-Airberry: teleports you to the Overworld.

New tools:

-Bamboo set: as good as wood.

-Cave Vine set: quite resistant.

-Obsidian Shears: very fast and used to collect dangerous plants.

New dimension:

-All but 3 of the new plants can spawn here.

-Exclusive plants.

-SImilar to the Overworld.

Gas feature:

This mod sprinkles around the world Gas reservoirs. If you break them, a blinding gas spreads around. Put an Empty Container Unit with some redstone to power it under the origin block of the gas to collect it. You can also run into it with a glass bottle to collect it. Another new ore is the Fossil Ore. It will usually give bones or Bone Blocks, but, in rare ocasions, it will drop a Gaspepper. This crop needs a full gas container one block away in the positive x axis. It allows you to fill glass bottles with gas safely. Gas can be used as fuel.

Modification files
herbsmod.jar - Herbs & Spices Mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 (old version)Uploaded on: 04/06/2020 - 13:18   File size: 411.78 KB
herbsmod 1.1.1.jar - Herbs & Spices Mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 (old version)Uploaded on: 04/06/2020 - 15:09   File size: 428.67 KB
herbsmod 1.1.2.jar - Herbs & Spices Mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 (old version)Uploaded on: 04/06/2020 - 19:06   File size: 459.73 KB
herbsmod 1.2.2.jar - Herbs & Spices Mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 (full release)Uploaded on: 04/12/2020 - 11:10   File size: 475.32 KB


Added the Bowdrill and some textures improved



Major bug fixes; now bowdrills and gaspeppers should work properly

Added 4 advancements related to gas and the new dimension

Gaspepper textute improved

If electric beans handled improperly, lightning might strike

Armor made from Magic Vine added


1.2 Full release

Bowdrill arrows only spawn on top of the player

Bowdrill creative item moved to the mod's tab


1.2.1 Full release

 Many textures reworked


1.2.2 Full release

Added new craftable plant

Love the concept, however I feel that if the textures were improved this mod would shine :)