Woodsties I: Woodsty Revamp

Published by Jguy on Tue, 04/12/2022 - 19:19
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Woodsties! Have fun in this new Dimension! With two biomes, each different in various ways, you can collect resources to survive!


Jackalope: In this Biome, there is a custom entity call the Jackalope chicken, he is tamable and friendly. Legend has it, they used to be the roamers of the Jackalope Biome, but no one knows for sure. you can get strawberries off of trees, yes, you heard me right, trees. With a new type of wood, You can make anything your heart desires! Just don't take too much, or the Jackalope chickens might get upset.


Woodlands: With Jungle like trees, New types of wood, and Blueberries on trees!? This Woodland Biome is the place you wanna be if your looking for adventure! with a new entity called Woodland cow, you can have a mighty good time with this tamable animal! Or just eat it. Legend has it, Back then, they used to be at war with the Jackalope chickens, I know, that's sounds crazy, but it's true (or so the Legends say). Strap up your pickaxe because Iron is common here!


New update! Woodland and Jackalope bone halberds! with these halberds, you can vault yourself into the air! just make sure to jump or it might hurt! 6 attack damage, 1.4 attack speed

Knives! Super fast attack speed, but little damage! slice through the Woodsties Dimension with this item!

Berry Juice! gives you strength for 2 minutes! very useful in combat!

Dwarves! These creatures are said to be the rulers of Woodsties, There are currently 3, but will be many more! Just don't bring your beloved wolf as they will kill him/her. Dart shooter dwarf, he is not too fast as you can outrun him easily, but his pebbles he shoots are "Damage Doers." Better put sharpness on that sword 'cause you oughta kill him while you can! Spear wielding dwarf, Fast and hard to outrun, his pointy spear can kill you in seconds, bows and knockback swords are the things you want to bring, UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE. He is probable the most fierce dwarf in all of Woodsties and maybe the overworld if he gets there! Basic Dwarf or "Dwarf," he is strong, no doubt, but is so slow and can't hit you if you walk. but his attack range is almost longer than yours, so better bring some axes, cause you won't be hitting him much!

New Flower! Dancing blue daisy, these flowers dance! They've probable got C418 Stal in there heads! Annoyed or not, they are there!

Bad news though, the outposts loot tables don't work, but will in next versions!


Check out Woodsties Forum Topic!


I hope you enjoy this Mod! this mod took over 2 months to create Alpha version! So have fun with it!


Check out Nathan its a Wisp for helping me with my Mod.

Modification files
Woodsties Fixed Bug 1.1.zip - Fixed cow model textureUploaded on: 04/15/2022 - 02:41   File size: 220.36 KB
Woodsties I.zip - Added Dwarves and structures, Added new flower.Uploaded on: 06/08/2022 - 02:59   File size: 567.05 KB
Woodsties Fixed Bug 1.1_0.zip - Paired with woodsties I, but bug fixed!Uploaded on: 06/10/2022 - 17:10   File size: 220.36 KB


- Custom structures X

- Jackalope Dwarfs X

- Woodland Boars

- Leaf armor

- Throwable Knifes

- Loot tables for chests


The Mod update will be called: Woodsty Revamp

So, the mod update is going to be bigger than I thought, it probably won't come 'till June 3rd - June 5th. ╯︿╰

Known Bug: Outpost spawns leaving air crater, will be fixed.
Known Bug: Loot tables not working.