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This mod was a small mod that i started while i was bored and now, i see people have downloaded it, and it makes me happy to see that, some of it is still probably broken, but i would love it if those bugs could be reported so i can fix them, if you have any suggestions for me, please let me know via Discord, my Discord is The Gamer Mammot#8953, Thanks a bunch (Update logs will only be updated when a non-bugfix change happens) PLEASE, if you distribute, give me credit for making the mod

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Alternover_0.jar - Its not all that simple anymoreUploaded on: 04/09/2021 - 21:29   File size: 352.72 KB

Alpha launch: Added Demon armor, as well as stoon tools, and fixed generation of alternover frame blocks

1.0.1 mostly bug fixes, gameplay is stable, Alternover igniter is now obtainable

1.1.0 Wood update, new textures, new weapon, new ore, and new Alternover biome!

1.1.1 minor bugfixes, as well as Ok tools nerf, and changed Demon Bow recipe


I am gonna recreate this mod for 1.16 with my new knowledge on how MCreator works