Published by ELEKTRON on Sun, 02/07/2021 - 14:36
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Future is a mod that allows you to unlock new ore and new armor, weapons and tools, also it will allow you to go to other planet (currently only the moon).

Elektron is a more powerful ore than diamond found in the overworld from layer 0 to 36 and only recoverable with a diamond pickaxe. It will allow you to craft an armor including the helmet but a night vision effect and the boots a speed effect 1, a sword and finally all the tools except the hoe.

Moon Rock is currently the most powerful ore in the game and can only be found on the Moon by breaking Moon Plants or looking for Moon Stones at Layer 60-61. The Ore Armor Helmet night vision effect, the chestplate a level 2 Haste effect and the boots a level 2 speed effect.
The moon rock you can also craft a gun!
PLEASE NOTE: all cited craft must be built with Megamoon Rocks.
One Megamoon Rock equals nine moon rock.

Modification files
MCFuture_Beta.jar - Beta 1.0384.65 KB

Beta 1.0:

New moon biome
New ore (Elektron and MoonRock) as well as all the tools / armor / weapons that come with elektron ore.