Published by SaYZoX 93 on Sat, 06/11/2022 - 14:43
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infinityRPG is a big adventure mod with 7 dimensions

the purpose of this mod is to explore new dimensions to discover new stuff by killing lots of new mobs or by mining new ores and to beat new bosses to change dimensions then defeat the final boss and discover all the secrets



zombie dimension


the dimension is infested of zombies


dark world 

this dimension has been separated from the universe



this dimension is located in the sky and shelters a mysterious city of gold


The moon

the moon are colonized by aliens 


creeper diemension

the origin of creepers and the ores of azurite


ultimate dimension


Big dimension with 2 stage with 3 biomes for the first stage and 2 biomes for the last stage

this dimenion have five boss they are the five guardian of the ultimate universe



the five guardian


this is the Final dimenion

this dimension have 3 stage

1- nethestia underground

2- nethestia

 3- nethestia sky

this dimension have 3 boss


1- the margwa samourai

2- storm king

3- ashuranity


final boss dimensions

the two dimensions of the final boss Ashuranity

14 boss

1- nethender

2- undead panzer

3- dark king

4- golden moon

5- Luna queen

6- creeper guardian

7- the frost

9- the blood

10- darkiblast

11- Forestia guardian

12- the margwa samourai

13- Storm King

14- Ashuranity




Ashuranity is the final boss of this mod

his soul was split into 3 to form the margwa samourai , the storm king and the ender dragon

original form


the original form of ashuranity

news ores


mine these new ores for craft items even better




Over 100 structures

builders: Me and savongold



-Over 235 entities for 99 mobs - Over 500 blocks - 54 tools - Over 150 items

-Over 100 plants - 36 biomes




Final boss fight video:


download this mod in curseforge because the limit is 20mb


Modification files
infinityRPG link for download in - link for download the mod in curseforge because i cant post a mod over 20MbUploaded on: 06/11/2022 - 16:02   File size: 310 bytes

infinityRPG Update 1.3.3


- the old creeper boss was replace by the ultimate creeper guardian


- added the boss ultimate creeper guardian


- fixed bug with almighty dash

- added diamond lingot 



- added fire explosion particle

- added nuclear explosion particle




added nostalgic liminal forest

- added nostalgic liminal mountain




- added old tall grass

- added old gravel

- added old leaves block

- added reverse infinity vines

- added diamond brick

- added diamond stairs brick

- added diamond slab brick

- added diamond wall brick

- added big diamond brick

- added big diamond stairs brick

- added big diamond slab brick

- added big diamond wall brick

- added blood iron brick

- added blood iron stairs brick

- added blood iron slab brick

- added blood iron wall brick

- added end iron brick

- added end iron stairs brick

- added end iron slab brick

- added end iron wall brick

- added iron wall brick

- added nethend iron brick

- added nethend iron stairs brick

- added nethend iron slab brick

- added nethend iron wall brick

- added blood log stairs

- added blood log slab

- added blood log wall

- added ender log stairs

- added ender log slab

- added ender log wall


- the margwa samourai is buff

- the storm king is buff

- darkiblast is buff

- the forestia guardian is buff

- the blood is buff

- dark knight is nerf


- added a secret entity in the nostalgic liminal forest and nostalgic liminal mountain


I wish i could make a mod like this I was instill the gradle forge matiness thing was a thing.

incredible and interesting mod!!!!! I'm waiting for it on version 1.18.2

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

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