Forsaken Skies

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The Alpha Release of the Forsaken Skies Mod! I have been working tirelessly on this for weeks so please give it a try. If you find a bug in the game, please notify me I have all intentions of updating this mod frequently to make the experience better and better for every player.

For more understanding, visit the Tyonia Mod Forum @

For the Rune Infuser recipes, visit @


Click Here for a Breakdown on ALPHA Release 1.1


My Current Update Schedule Includes:

-Adding New Dimensions

-Creating Magite Tools

-Creating additional Mobs

-Implementing new Structures to the Tyonia Dimension



Software used:

MCreator 1.8.3, Blender, Tabula

People Involved:

Coding: CreeperMinion

Textures: CreeperMinion

Testing: CreeperMinion

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

Version 1.3/ALPHA   ---Magic Update 1

--Added Magic Creative Tab

--Added Rune Infuser Block

--Added Rune Infuser GUI

--Added Rune Infuser Recipes

--Removed Rune Crafting Recipes

--Added Staff Atuner Block

--Added Staff Atuner GUI

--Added Staff Atuner Recipes

--Removed Staff Recipes

--Added Frost Staff

--Added Ice Rune

--Added Earth Rune

--Added Air Rune

--Added Poison Rune

--Added Void Rune

--Added Poison Staff

--Added Condensed Air Block

--Added Air Barrier Structure

--Added Air Staff

--Added Staff Atuner Command --Opens Staff Atuner GUI             /staffAtuner

--Added Rune Infuser Command --Opens Rune Infuser GUI         /runeInfuser

--Added Shield Command --Spawns Air Barrier Structure              /shield


Version 1.2/ALPHA

--Added Eternal Winter Dimension

--Added Desensitized Ice

--Added Snowstorm in a Bottle

--Added Frosted Grass

--Added Frosted Dirt

--Added Frosted Meadow Biome

--Added Icy Log

--Added Ice Coated Leaves

--Added Ice Coated Shrub

--Added Wintio Plant

--Added Iced Grass

--Added Icae Plant

--Added Frozen Dye

--Added Frozen Prehistoric Rock Fragments

--Added Prehistoric Rock Fragments

--Added Frozen Prehistoric Rock

--Added Prehistoric Rod

--Added Glacite Ore

--Added Fall of Khione Biome

--Added IceSpire1, IceSpire2, IceSpire3, & IceSpire4 Structures

--Added Frozen Forest Biome

--Added Alps Biome

--Added Saphire Ore

--Added Saphire

--Added Glacite Crystal

--Added Glacite Armour - Full Set

--Added Saphire Armour - Full Set

--Added Abominable Snowman Boss

--Added Snowman Creature

--Added Frozen Snow Item

--Added Yeti Fur

--Added Frozen Altar

--Added Frozen Footprint Block

--Added Clay Mold of Footprint Item

--Added Yeti Footprint Item

--Added /feed Command

--Added /heal Command

--Added /starve Command

--Added Icy Wood Planks

Version 1.1/ALPHA

--Fixed Broken Textures

--Remade Corundum and Black Diamond Block Textures

--Added Magite Block

--Added Magite Armour - Full Set

--Added Fallen Angel Mob

--Added Corrupted Angel Wing and Angel Wing

--Added Purification Powder

--Added Angelic Sword

Version 1.0/ALPHA

First Release to the Public

*Blocks and Items added*

Tyonian Grass - Block

Tyonian Dirt - Block

Typhie Flower - Plant

Tyonian Dye - Item

Tyonian Dyed Wool - Block

Tyonian Stone - Block

Tyonian Cobblestone - Block

Frozen Portal Block - Block

Portal Block - Block

Typho Wood - Block

Typho Leaves - Block

Tyonia Grass - Plant

Corundum Ore - Block

Corundum Culster - Item

Corundum Crystals - Item

Corundum Armour - Full Set - Item

Corundum Sword - Item

Corundum Axe - Item

Corundum Pickaxe - Item

Corundum Shovel - Item

Corundum Hoe - Item

Tyqua - Liquid

Tyqua Bucket - Item

Stone Rod - Item

Fire Rune - Item

Crown - Item

Dungeon Bricks - Block

Dungeon Stone - Block

Black Diamond Ore - Block

Black Diamond - Item

Black Diamond Reinforcement Kit - Item

Black Diamond Sharpening Kit - Item

Black Diamond Sword - Item

Black Diamond Pickaxe - Item

Black Diamond Axe - Item

Black Diamond Shovel - Item

Black Diamond Hoe - Item

Decaying Bone - Item

Tattered Cloth - Item

Black Diamond Armour - Full Set - Item

Skull - Item

Ribcage - Item

Spine - Item

Foot Bone - Item

Hip Bone - Item

Bone Armour - Full Set - Item

Tycio - Plant

Tycio 1 - Plant

Tycio Berry - Food

Tycio Smoothie - Food

Typho Planks - Block

Staff Core - Item

Basic Staff - Item

Intermediate Staff - Item

Advanced Staff - Item

Corundum Block - Block

Black Diamond Block - Block

Fireball - 3D Model - Texture for Fireball Staff

Fireball Staff - Ranged Weapon

Water Rune - Item

Blank Rune - Item

Water Staff - Ranged Weapon

Magite ore - Block

Magite Crystal - Item

Mana Flash - Item

Tyonian Gold Ore - Block

Nice mod :)
You should improve the texture of the Tyonia portal frame

Submitted by proxerater on Thu, 06/13/2019 - 15:58

The armor models are very well done.