The Infernal Depths Mod

Published by Nuru on Tue, 11/20/2018 - 08:37
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A mod allowing you to breach the gates of hell and explore the pits of the damned. 



Heated Pickaxe


Blood Iron

Infused Blood Iron

Cerberus' Key

Floater Tooth

Bone Pickaxe

Heated Sword

Black Diamond

Infernal Rifle

High Power Iron Bullet




Hell Hound

Hell Grub

Cerberus (Boss)

Modification files
InfernalDepths.jar - Infernal Depths Mod555.14 KB

Good mod, I like the textures :)
I'd suggest to write a little bit more info about the items added or something like a "Have you ever wanted more mobs in the Nether?" section or why should someone download this mod :)

Nice mod :)
I can't see any of the mobs in the images though, the lighting is too dark.

nice dimension mod :D
but, my current hell-themed mod is coincidentally named similarly tho... :/

is it fine with you?