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Published by ThorPDough on Thu, 09/19/2019 - 16:05
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Just space adds a space dimention where you can go either by passing y=280 or by the official launch block.

  1. keep your elytra ready either way, because space is mostly empty except for the occasional astroids and spaceships.
  2. you want to find these structures for the good loot they give ofcourse.
  3. You need to hacve your space helmet equipped so you dont suffocate in space ofcourse.
  4. The launch block is usefull because if you drop out of space by gowing below y=10 you will land on the launch pad. simply right click to launch yourself back when you're ready.


Currently this mod is in beta because I want to work on other mods.



  • more structures
  • aliens
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