Deeper Dimensions

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Leveled Dimensions adds in over 20 items, and focuses on adding different Depth Levels to Minecrafts dimensions by using a new thing called DL or Depth Level then a number from 1-n(Currently Undefined) to show how deep you are(at least 8 more dimensions to be added), I would also recommend using JEI to get the reipces! If you ever notice any bugs or something you believe is a mistake please tell me in the comments, Thank You! - Doobleberry

Modification files
deeper_dimensions_v1.1_mc1.11.2.jar - Deeper Dimensions(Leveled Dimensions, Alpha 1.1)Uploaded on: 06/10/2017 - 15:41   File size: 372.93 KB

v1.0 added:

  • DL1 Nether Items


V1.1 added:

  • DL1 End Items


This mod adds:

16 Blocks


  • ​DL1 Obsidian(Nether Mod V1.0)(Found in the Vanilla Nether)
  • DL1 Netherrack(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Quartz Ore(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Hellwood(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Hell Planks(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Hell Leaves(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Soul Sand(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Red Nether Bricks(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Nether Bricks(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Nether Wart Block(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Essence Ore(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Portal Frame(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Endstone(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Endstone Bricks(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Purpur Block(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Purpur Pillar(End Mod V1.1)


32 Items


  • ​DL1 Hell Stick(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Flint and Steel(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Hell Sword(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Hell Axe(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Hell Pickaxe(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Hell Shovel(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Hell Hoe(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Compact Quartz(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Reinforced Leather(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Reinforced Leather Armor Set(Nether Mod V1.0)
    • ​DL1 Reinforced Leather Helmet(Nether Mod V1.0)
    • DL1 Reinforced Leather Chestplate(Nether Mod V1.0)
    • DL1 Reinforced Leather Leggings(Nether Mod V1.0)
    • DL1 Reinforced Leather Boots(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • ​DL1 Nether Brick(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Nether Wart(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Essence(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Partialy Refined Essence(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Refined Essence(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Refined Essence Ignitor(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Purplion(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Purplion Stick(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Purplion Sword(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Purplion Axe(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Purplion Pickaxe(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Purplion Shovel(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Purplion Hoe(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Purplion Armor Set(End Mod V1.1)
    • DL1 Purplion Helmet(End Mod V1.1)
    • DL1 Purplion Chestplate(End Mod V1.1)
    • DL1 Purplion Leggings(End Mod V1.1)
    • DL1 Purplion Boots(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Chorus Fruit(End Mod V1.1)
  • DL1 Popped Chrous Fruit(End Mod V1.1)


2 Mobs


  • DL1 Zombie Pigman(Nether Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 Purpligman(End Mod V1.1)


2 Dimensions


  • DL1 Hell(Nether  Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 End(End Mod V1.1)


2 Biomes


  • DL1 Hell Biome(Nether  Mod V1.0)
  • DL1 End Biome(End Mod V1.1)

Sounds like an awesome vanilla tweak, would be great as an adventure-based MC update, to add flavor to the End and the Nether

Currently i'm trying to think of more mobs and blocks i can add to each of the Dimensions, like maybe DL1 Ghast or DL1 Enderman something like that

Also i'm working on a new mod, i'm not going to give away much but it has something to do with Gemstones!

And i'm thinking of adding a new block to each Dimension, Like DL1 Nether Canceller which would kill every mob within a certain block range Aswell as upgrades to make it reach further.

I will start working on this mod again as soon as the next MCreator update is released, In the next Mod Update i'm going to start adding more mobs to the dimensions including one boss mob each!