Dunea Dimension Mod

Published by Dios Nacho on Mon, 05/11/2020 - 01:27
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Minecraft Forge mod
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(New version 1.0.3, You can see the new things in changelog) Dunea dimension mod is a new mod for minecraft version 1.15.2 that adds a new advancements, new dimension with much better minerals and much stronger mobs and amazing biomes!
Mobs of this dimension are much stronger than normal mobs, so remember to wear even a diamond armor!

Travel the dimension in search of new materials!

The mod is in development, so you can send me suggestions or report bugs. It is my first mod I hope you like it.

Note: new minerals of this dimension can only be smelted in the blast furnace.

Modification files
DuneaDimensionMod1.15.2.jar - Dunea Dimension Mod (1.0.0)1.17 MB
(1.0.1)DuneaDimensionMod1.15.2.jar - Dunea Dimension Mod (1.0.1)1.17 MB
(1.0.2)DuneaDimensionMod-1.15.2.jar - Dunea Dimension Mod (1.0.2)1.41 MB
(1.0.3)DuneaDimensionMod-1.15.2.jar - Dunea Dimension Mod (1.0.3)1.45 MB

New version 1.0.3 (A small update to version 1.0.2)


This update is great, it adds many interesting things and with different utilities. Here are the things this update adds:

- New materials and new drops of mobs

- New advancements

- New tools and armor, such as magic sticks, an icy sword, corrupt armor that gives regeneration, among others.

- One or another new mob, used to make new materials


This is what the update adds, I hope you liked it.
I will add new things soon when I have new ideas


(There is currently a bug in the order of armor and tools in creative inventory, that will be fixed soon.)

Wow! This dimension look great! Good work with the textures :)

Submitted by Baby Enderman on Mon, 12/28/2020 - 14:47 Permalink

how do i make the portal