Waffle Mod: Dimensional Deviation Mod

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        Dimensional Deviations Mod will be frozen from here on out. I will be putting effort towards a new mod, and if I'm feeling up to it afterwards, a sequel to this mod in the future. Many blocks, items, stats, structures, mobs, and biomes will be moved over to the new mod, but not everything will be added to keep with this new mod's theme. It makes me so happy to see all of the people who have downloaded and played this mod! Thank you all for you immense support and watch out for my next project!


Update 1.2.0 "Nature Changes Part 1" is Out!! A Whole Bunch of Food, Blocks, and Some New Biomes Await!

Welcome to the Dimensional Deviations Mod by Waffle_Fluffie! This mod adds in a whole bunch of things to the existing dimensions and completely new ones!


New Ores!

New Ore Test

New Dimensions!

Sky Dimension


Paradise Dimension


Biomes of Hell Dimension

New Dungeons!

Time Dungeon

New Mobs! 


Wizard and Necromancer

New Bosses!


Magical Items!

Kradroa Swords

New Biomes!

Cobblestone Forest



…And More!


I will accept requests and feedback on any details of my mod, Thank you!

Modification files
Waffle Mod 2 Dimensional Deviations V1.0.0.jar - Dimensional Deviations Version 1.0.0Uploaded on: 06/18/2019 - 02:48   File size: 1.8 MB
Waffle Mod 2 Dimensional Deviations V1.0.1_0.jar - Dimensional Deviations Version 1.0.1Uploaded on: 06/19/2019 - 01:33   File size: 1.81 MB
Waffle Mod 2 Dimensional Deviations V1.1.0.jar - Dimensional Deviations Version 1.1.0Uploaded on: 06/23/2019 - 00:05   File size: 1.84 MB
Waffle Mod 2 Dimensional Deviations V1.2.0.jar - Dimensional Deviations Version 1.2.0Uploaded on: 07/01/2019 - 01:25   File size: 2.05 MB


Dimensional Deviations Version 1.2.0 "Nature Changes Part 1" Changelog:


  • Sky Dimension Biome Weights changed.


  • Orange Leaves added.
  • Banana Logs added.
  • Banana Bark added.
  • Banana Planks added.
  • Banana Leaves added.
  • Palm Logs added.
  • Palm Planks added.
  • Palm Bark added.
  • Palm Leaves added.
  • Bugfix01: Sky Planks name fixed.
  • Paradise Planks name changed.
  • Blueberry Bush added.
  • Empty Blueberry Bush added.
  • All Leaves health changed.
  • Oak, Birch, Spruce, Jungle, Acacia, and Dark Oak Bark added.


  • Hanging Banana added.
  • Banana Tree Sapling added.
  • Coconut added.
  • Palm Sapling added.


  • Orange added.
  • Orange Slice added.
  • Apple Slice added.
  • Banana added.
  • Coconut added.
  • Filled Coconut added.
  • Blueberry added.
  • Items
  • Empty Coconut Shell added.


  • Paradise Beach added.
  • Banana Tree added.
  • Banana Wood Recipes added.
  • Cursed Wood Recipes added.
  • Orange Tree added.
  • Palm Wood Recipes added.
  • Orange Forest added.
  • Palm Beach added.
  • Bark Recipes added.
  • Bark-Plank Recipies added.

Mod Achievements

  • **500 Elements Reached

Mod Page

  • New Update Text


Dimensional Deviations Version 1.1.0 "Textures and Fixes" Changelog:


  • Sky Table Texture changed.
  • Hellish Leaves Transparency changed.
  • Underlamp Texture changed.
  • Sky Log Rotation changed.
  • Dead Sky Log Rotation changed.
  • Paradise Log Rotation changed.
  • Hellish Log Rotation changed.
  • Sky Bark Rotation changed.
  • Dead Sky Bark Rotation changed.
  • Paradise Bark Rotation changed.
  • Hellish Log Rotation changed.


  • Kradroa Blood Sword readded.
  • Death's Scythe renamed to "Scythe"
  • Other
  • Dimensional Deviations Mod Achievement Trigger added.
  • Sky Igniter Recipe added.
  • Heavenly String Recipe added.
  • Scythe Recipe added.
  • Sky Igniter Texture changed.
  • Bottle O'Blood Texture changed.
  • Knife Texture changed.
  • Sword Texture changed.

Mod Page

  • New Update Text
  • New Pictures


Dimensional Deviations Version 1.0.1 "Portal Changes" Changelog:


  • Sky Portal Texture Changed.
  • Paradise Portal Texture Changed.
  • Biomes of Hell Portal Texture Changed.


Dimensional Deviations Version 1.0.0 "Initial Release" Changelog:


  • Sky, Paradise, and Biomes of Hell Dimensions added.


  • Amethyst, Ametrine, Basalt, Carnelian, Oil, Paraiba Tourmaline, Polished Basalt, Pyrite, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz Ores and Blocks added.
  • Sky Grass, Dirt, Stone added.
  • Paradise Grass, Dirt, Stone added.
  • Sky Logs, Wood, Bark, and Leaves added.
  • Sky Table added.
  • Dead Sky Logs, Wood, Bark, and Leaves added.
  • Heavenly Logs, Wood, Bark, and Leaves added.
  • Hellish Logs, Wood, Bark, and Leaves added.
  • Sky Sand, Sky Sandstone, and Sky Glass added.
  • Paradise Sand, Paradise Sandstone and Paradise Glass added.
  • Charred Rock, Charred Rock Bricks, and Under-Lamp added.
  • Cursed Workbench added.
  • Clouds and Heavenly Clouds added.
  • Empty Time Block, Empty Time Lamp, and Empty Time Container added(Kradronix Idea).
  • Summon Stone added(Kradronix Idea).
  • Sky Table added.
  • Classic Stone and Cobblestone added.
  • Carved Melon added.
  • Jack O'Melon added.
  • Mossy Bone Blocks added.
  • Brown Leather Blocks added
  • Healing Water added.
  • Withering Water added.


  • Echinacea added.
  • Snapdragon added.
  • Carnation added.
  • Rose added.
  • Cyan Flower added.
  • Flowered Cactus added.
  • Sky Sapling added.
  • Dead Sky Sapling added.
  • Paradise Sapling added.
  • Hellish Sapling added.


  • Waffles and Waffle Batter added.
  • Sky Porkchop and Cooked Sky Porkchop added.
  • Nether Porkchop and Burnt Porkchop added.
  • Cursed Porkchop and Cooked Cursed Porkchop added.
  • Sliced Bread, Toast, and Burnt Toast added.
  • Mossy Rotten Flesh added.
  • Necromanced Rotten Flesh added.
  • Ultra Steak added.
  • Bottle o' Blood added.


  • Amethyst, Ametrine, Carnelian, Ruby, and Sapphire Sets added.
  • Amethyst, Ametrine, Carnelian, Crystalized Oil, Paraiba Tourmaline, Pyrite, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, and Under-Lamp Gemstones added.
  • Kradroa Blaze Sword, Kradroa Sun Sword, and Kradroa Prismarine Sword added.
  • Kradroa Blood Sword added.
  • Knife added.
  • Sword added.
  • Sky Igniter added.
  • Heavenly String added.
  • Scythe added.
  • Static Bolt added.
  • Hermit Shell added.
  • Strange Cloth added(Kradronix Idea).
  • Shrieking Plate added(Kradronix Idea).
  • Brown Mooshroom Leather added.
  • Mossy Bones added.
  • Bear Hide added.
  • Mummy Wrap added.


  • Static added.
  • Arachne added.
  • Hermit added.
  • Friendly Zombie added.
  • Steve added.
  • Pure added(Kradronix Idea).
  • Wormhole Added(Kradronix Idea).
  • Paradox added(Kradronix Idea).
  • Brown Mooshroom added.
  • Eye added.
  • Necromancer added.
  • Necromanced Zombie added.
  • Necromanced Husk added.
  • Dove added.
  • Wizard added.
  • Fire Creeper added.
  • Nuclear Creeper added.
  • Withered Creeper added.
  • Jungle Skeleton added.
  • Jungle Zombie added.
  • Brown Bear added.
  • Black Bear added.
  • Nether Pig added.
  • Sky Pig added.
  • Cursed Pig added.
  • Mummy added.


  • 21 Advancements added.
  • 17 Structures added.
  • 18 Biomes added.
  • New Creative Tabs added. 
  • 4 GUIs added.



Author's Note:

This release is the first release of a mod I've made to the public. This mod has been in the works for almost a month, and it is still going to get updated with features wanted by the community! Please let me know if there are any issues with this mod and I will be getting them worked out and fixed in the next release! Thank you for downloading and/or just looking at this mod! It means a lot to me!