Published by EyeBrawl88 on Fri, 07/29/2022 - 23:58
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The Glistening Fields


The Glistening Fields are a light filled biome with a custom ore and much more. The custom ore Glistening Ore can be smelted into glistening ingots which can make a variety of items. The items include a set of tools Sword, Pickaxe, axe, shovel and hoe. They can also make a set of armor the helmet of which grants nightvision. Birch trees spawn in this biome as well as flowers. Oak trees that are in this biome have pink leaves.


This biome is the safest biome in the mod!




The Shadow Cliffs


The polar opposite of the glistening fields, the shadow cliffs are a very dangerous dark and miserable biome. The main creature that lives in this biome are its mob shadow eaters they spawn and if you hit them can be very dangerous. Wither Skeletons and Living Eyes also spawn in this biome. Shadow ore can make the same things that glistening ore can.


This biome is dangerous but very rewarding!





The Void


The void a dangerous dimension comes with mobs a boss and a lot more. In the end find Ender Flesh and use it to make a portal. Light it with the Void Key. When entering you will start to float because of the change of atmospheres so bring milk or blocks. After you stop floating turn up your render distance and start bridging or flying to the void islands. In the void you will find pearl stone ore fallen enderlings and dust zombies. Hazmat Dust zombies drop hazmat armor pieces. There are Pistols, scoped pistols and ray guns and a boss Gunsmith Bot. 


Everything else in this mod is going to be a surprise unless I add more to the description! See ya


Ps: If any mobs look corrupted that's on purpose

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