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This Mod adds a Dimension from the older versions of Minecraft: Beta Dimension!

Please report bugs.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, please let me know.


"Beta Then Ever!" This update adds The much - needed Brick Pyramid (courtesy of The Minecraft Person), as well as some dimension genneration. Also, Does anyone know how to make a Dimension flat?

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This mod was made with MCreator

Notice: The Latest Version of this Mod was made in MCreator 1.8.1

Modification files
Beta Dimension (2.0.0) Mcreator V1.8.1.jar - 2.0.0 - Beta Then Ever!Uploaded on: 02/10/2019 - 12:35   File size: 419.27 KB

2.0.0 - Beta Then Ever!

- Technical Changes

  • Added Mod Image for the New Pyramid and the new Dimension Generation
  • Added Section in the Description about the Latest Update
  • Updated Notice Tab in the Description Box

- Mod Changes

  • Added new Dimension Generation

              -The Dimension still has some mushrooms, caves, "lakes", and ravines

  • Added New Structure, the Pyramid! Now you have two Brick variants!

1.0.0 - Tower Treasure!

- Mod Changes

  • Changed / Added "Tower" Structure

- Technical Changes

  • The Description said "to" instead of "from"

0.0.0 - The Beginning!

- Mod Changes

  • Added Compact Grass
  • Added Beta Cobble
  • Added Golden Flint and Steel
  • Added Structure "Tower"
  • Added Beta Dimension Portal
  • Added Beta Dimension

- Notices

  • The "Tower" Structure is NOT shown in a screenshot

cool mod, i think the brick pyramid are the biggest structure in in development aka indev, in cave game added humans, but indev is pretty cool

Does anybody know the dimension ID number for the Beta Dimension? I want to check its compatibility with other dimensions before I download this mod.

maybe you should change the crafting for compact grass, because it is impossible to get the grass (plant form) in survival.