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Published by jur110 on Wed, 07/08/2020 - 13:29
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please remember that anything here is prone to change,since the mod is in alpha stage

note:updates might not come out as frequently, because i am working on another mod.

                                                deep forest mod

0.3.7 adds updated human huts, they were a mess.

the 0.3.5 "human update" is complete!

in this update there is:

-2 new mobs : the human warrior and human archer

-there is a structure, the human castle with its own loot table!

-humans are now neutral and don't have any weapons.

they will attack back if you attack them though.




hello! This Mod adds a brand new biome called deep forest with new features.It adds:

forest logs

a new type of wood which spawns in the new biome. Can be used to make planks,slabs,stairs,and doors.




spawns in the new deep forest too, and you can make tools

and decorative blocks including bricks out of it.

can be harvested with stone.



 a mob that spawns in the deep forest.

it is aggressive towards the player.

it once lived in the human huts (obviously).

now they live in the forest or in the castle

it doesn't have any weapons or doesn't attack you, unlike human warriors and archers.. 

human castles

the human castles are rare, but have really good loot inside

there are human mobs there and they will attack you.

it consists of:

-the collapsed prison

-the throne room

-the storage room

-the bedroom

-the armory

-the rooftop

-the dining room

bluestone mobs

they live in the deep forest too.

they hate the player and humans.

there is 2 bluestone mobs:

the bluestone giants and the bluestone knights

the giants are powerful but slow, and the knights are not as powerful,

but more common and faster



features in the future

(things higher on the list are more likely to be added):

-human castle overhaul

-more mobs related to bluestone.

-addon mod

-many bug fixes

-improved textures.

-definitely better description




i am kinda new to this , so if you see any bugs in this mod ,please post them in the comments.

i'll gladly take suggestions for the mod or description.

(p.s this is the first mod i posted)



Modification files
deep forest mod 0.3.5.jar - check changelog1.04 MB
deep forest mod 0.3.6.jar - check changelog1.05 MB


-added bluestone


-added bluestone deposits 


-added bluestone pickaxe,axe,hoe,sword and shovel


-added the human mob


-renamed forest log to deep forest log

-changed deep forest log texture

-made bluestone spawn underground

-made bluestone stronger than stone but weaker than iron


-added bluestone monster and knight

-added bluestone bricks (chiseled , normal and cracked)


-bluestone monster and knight now despawn in daylight

snapshot 0.2.3_01

-added the human hut


-added sound to bluestone monster

-fixed bug with spawning


-now there is more grass


-now deep forest planks can be a replacment for  wooden tools and the crafting table

-added 4 advancements

-added bluestone doors

-now bluestone monster and knights attack on sight the player and humans, and deal less damage.


-added slabs, stairs, and walls for bluestone and bluestone bricks

-updated blocks list and logo

-the deep forest now spawns more frequently


-added human archers and human warriors

-added the human castle


-updated human huts


i love the bluestone texture! some ideas:
- maybe fix up the forest log textures?
- "forest log" should be "deep log" or "deep forest log".
- there should be something more special about the deep forest trees, like a new ground covering or opaque leaves or something.
- bluestone feels like it spawn underground.
- bluestone feels like it should be harvested with stone tools, and be crafted into tools that have the same harvest level as stone tools but have a special quirk.

whoa, the bluestone bricks are a great idea! just maybe improve the textures. the bluestone monsters are also a little too resolutiony. (hey can i make textures for you) good update!

Great Mod. But i'd like more mobs.

And I had a "small" Idea. Maybe add more types of humans. It would make them a little bit better.