Next World Next Generation 2

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All new updates for the mod will be uploaded here for now on.…

Welcome to the Next World Next Generation Mod, Here you will find 3D Weapons. New Blocks and a new Dimension called Orros.

Q: What forge version is this for?

A: This mod is for Forge

Q: Do I need to backup my worlds and if I do how do I do it?


A: Go to your PC’s Homescreen search bar and type %Appdata% then look for the .Minecraft Folder and go to saves and copy your Saved world 


Q: Are all the Weapons, Items, etc. Able To be crafted?


A: Some of them


Q: Are these weapons rated for overpowered Mobs?

A: A good number of them can beat overpowered Mobs in a short amount of time.
Q: Will you ever update to future versions?

A: Maybe one day.

JEI 1.12.2-4.16.301 Is Recommend Here's the link

ALL Rights Reserved

Q: Will you ever make Monsters for Orros?

A: At some point I will.

To get to Orros you have to make a portal with Polished Diorite like a nether portal and then right click with a Warp Gem in hand on the frame.


Modification files
NWNG 1.0.11a Just some Sap and Weeds Update.jar - Newer versions are available on curseforge.Uploaded on: 10/23/2021 - 03:45   File size: 3.24 MB
NWNG 1.0.12a Testbuild15.jar - Newer versions are available on curseforge.Uploaded on: 01/22/2022 - 02:33   File size: 3.72 MB

I will no longer be working on this project due to workshop corruption so I decided I’ll be making a new mod to work in conjunction with this one.


Add a Vannila tag "Logs" and add your log to it, then turn the leaves back into leaves. That will stop them from decaying when there connected to that log.