Next World Next Generation 2

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Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
All Rights Reserved
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Welcome to the Next World Next Generation Mod, Here you will find 3D Weapons. New Blocks and a new Dimension called Orros.

This mod is for Forge

Some Info

Please Backup your worlds Before every update.

Not all weapons can be crafted.

Most of theses weapons are not for normal monsters.

I'm here only for the 1.12.2 players.

JEI 1.12.2-4.16.301 Is Recommend Here's the link

ALL Rights Reserved

I will make Monsters for Orros at some point. Same with 3D armor.

To get to Orros you have to make a portal with Polished Diorite like a nether portal and then right click with a Warp Gem in hand on the frame.


Modification files
NWNG 1.0.10a Without Stars Update.jar - Older Version 10/9/20213.05 MB
NWNG 1.0.11a Just some Sap and Weeds Update.jar - The Newest Version 10/22/20213.24 MB
NWNG 1.0.12a Test10WIP.jar - W.I.P May have bugs3.47 MB

NWNG 1.0.2a Release

NWNG 1.0.3a It's a surprise.

NWNG 1.0.4a Hotfix

NWNG 1.0.5a New Lightstone blocks

NWNG 1.0.6a fixed Lightstone Clay Floating bug.

NWNG 1.0.7a New Weapons and Blocks.

NWNG 1.0.8a New Weapons, Blocks and Floating Island's.

NWNG 1.0.9a Remodeled Black Ruby Claymore and Black Winter Claymore.

NWNG 1.0.10a Without Stars Update Ten New weapons,Calmite Tools and new blocks

NWNG 1.0.11a Just some Sap and Weeds: Added Hardstone Roof Blocks New Weapons Tears of a Sapphire short sword,Sea Fog,Tears of Sea Dragon. New Items Oron Bowl,Glowroot and Oron Sap. New Plants added Loonose, Glow Sail, Moon Dragon,Glow Strings,Lua,Long Glows,Glow Hoops,Voidshroom and Dream Wills

Add a Vannila tag "Logs" and add your log to it, then turn the leaves back into leaves. That will stop them from decaying when there connected to that log.