Creative Nether

Published by Default_XD on Thu, 10/13/2022 - 14:04
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In this mod you will be able to see what I have added to the nether. I only added the things that I thought could fit. The inspiration of this mod was the Unusual End mod by Sweetygamer2. 



The mod includes:


Soul Ingots: To craft them you must have a netherite ingot and soul soil. Once you have it you need a smithing table.


Soul Tools: To make these you need any netherite tool and a soul ingot to make soul tools.


Toxic wood: Toxic wood is of course a new netherwood. You basically can use it to craft anything with wood apart from a chest. Mainly because of file size.


Blobs: Blobs are highly inspired by the Unusual End mod. You can't to much with. There are two variants of the blob there is the Nether Blob and the Cold Nether Blob.  With nine of these you can turn them into a Nether Blob Block and a Cold Nether Blob Block. Smelting a Cold Nether Blob in a furnace will turn it into a Nether Blob 

Blob Crystals: Blob crystals a new nether ore the texture may look familiar. Mining this Crystal will give you a Cold Nether Blob.


Thanks For Downloading.


If there are any problems or anything, please let me know thanks.



Inspiration: Sweetygamer2's mod Unusual End: Link to there mod :


Modification files - First Download (The Old One)Uploaded on: 10/13/2022 - 14:52   File size: 158.88 KB
Creative Nether - Soul Tools and Ingots (New One)Uploaded on: 11/12/2022 - 21:21   File size: 1.32 MB


+Added Soul Tools ,Ingots And  Blocks

+Brand New Texture

-Removed All Netherrack Variants not including vanilla netherrack

-removed the Flaming End Sword Aswell as the End Star and The Nether Eye

=Bug Fixes