Advent's Ark

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Advent's Ark is a mod focused on making the world of minecraft feel more alive.

It features:



+27 new advancements

+6 new armor sets

+11 new biomes

+45 new blocks

+11 new ores

+1 new dimension

+24 new foods

+2 new fuel sources

+29 new mobs

+23 new plants

+7 new ranged items

+28 new structures

+32 new tools


+Improved sound effects for plants and mobs

+4 new music discs



+Fixed flight gems

+Gave deadwood a use


Modification files
Advents_Ark.jar - Advent's Ark v1.0.05.56 MB
Advent's Ark v1.0.1.jar - Advent's Ark v1.0.112.42 MB
Advent's Ark v1.0.2.jar - Advent's Ark v1.0.212.43 MB
Advent's Ark v1.1.0.jar - Advent's Ark v1.1.0 in MB